Russians are proverbially slow to react, but when they do get started … it is prudent to be careful. We have been wondering what Russia’s war crimes Investigative Committee was doing since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine and what legal instruments it was prepared to use in the pursuit of its objectives. The answers to these questions even now are not entirely clear, but at least some encouraging news has recently emerged on the legal front.

Rusia declara en busca y captura de fiscal que ordenó el arresto contra Putin

Karim Khan’s Russian Rap Sheet: Gotcha!

Readers scarcely need to be reminded of the political weaponisation of the International Criminal Court [ICC] which took place in March 2023, when at the behest of its masters that Court issued a preposterous arrest warrant targeting the President of Russia. The rationale behind it was that, allegedly for their own nefarious purposes, Russian authorities had “kidnapped” an unspecified number of ostensibly Ukrainian children in the Donbas and moved them involuntarily to Russia.

Rusia incluye en su lista de más buscados a fiscal Karim Khan

Missing from this “rationale” are key pertinent facts. For years since 2014, long before the current conflict started, along with the rest of the population of the Donbas, those children were targets of relentless and lethal Nazi Ukrainian bombardments which have claimed 14,000 lives. The children eventually were evacuated to Russia for their safety, which ICC Prosecutor Karim Khan regards as kidnapping. Those children were being killed, maimed, and orphaned in artillery and missile bombardments staged by the neo-Nazi Ukrainian proxies controlled by Prosecutor Khan’s bosses.

And that explains a great deal about ICC’s legal travesty. In fact, a more manifest clue to the existence of an egregious conflict of interest is difficult to find. As a consequence, Khan did not take the trouble, even pro forma, to inquire into those long-standing and grave violations of international humanitarian law presumably committed by his mentors. Neither has he evinced the slightest professional interest in using the legal tools at his disposal to call the perpetrators of those crimes – on whose munificence his job, salary, and benefits depend – to account.

On his bosses’ orders (and most likely also to repay them the favour for dropping paedophilia charges against his brother, a “Conservative” member of the British Parliament) Khan instead filed an indictment against the head of the state which acted with impeccable propriety, to ensure the safety of the Donbas children. Khan was untroubled that since 2014 those children, for whom he feigns concern, have been targeted with lethal weapons furnished by his controllers and operated by their Ukrainian Nazi proxies.

Ucrania pide investigar crímenes de guerra rusos a la Corte Penal Internacional

Karim Khan and friend

Now, chickens have come home to roost, as they say, for servile colonial lackey Karim Khan. Khan himself has been indicted by the Russian judicial authorities and his name has been placed on a wanted list. Russian investigative organs have sent him a clear message that the party is over and that there is a steep personal price to be paid for recklessness and impertinence. And not just by Khan, but by his gang as well. Also indicted with him are a number of ICC judges who thought that in the “rules based order” political opportunism was the name of the game and that when sitting on their masters’ bench they did not really have to practice what they were taught in law school.

There is evidence already that the message was received and understood. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, the ICC is whining that it “regrets  these acts of intimidation and unacceptable attempts [by Russia] to undermine the mandate of the International Criminal Court to investigate, sanction and prevent the commission of the gravest international crimes.”

Oh, the touching complaint of righteous innocents! From the standpoint of the bully, unaccustomed to being opposed, any resistance is “intimidation,” just as moving children from a war zone to safety when politically expedient is “abduction.” Not just Khan, but all his associates, partners, and mentors have now been put on notice that they better think their actions through before undertaking them.

One of the reasons ICC finds the arrest warrant issued for its Prosecutor “unacceptable” is that it “did not specify his alleged offence.” But why should such a lapse bother ICC? It mirrors exactly the practice of ICC itself and its inglorious model, the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia [ICTY]. Both of these quasi-judicial institutions have amply engaged in the practice of indicting first, and contriving the grounds later. After Khan is arrested and put in the dock to answer for his legal buffoonery, there will be plenty of time to specify all the particulars.

I have repeatedly argued that the bad faith conduct of collective West political tool ICC requires a robust mirror response. Issuance of the arrest warrant to apprehend and call to account juridical hack Karim Khan is a step in the right direction. But much more conceptual and practical work needs to be done to lay the groundwork for the accountability of his evil globalist string pullers and their pathetic errand boys, perfectly exemplified by Karim Khan. (For Russian speakers, Andrei Fursov’s elaboration of this general topic is highly recommended, starting at about 6:20 minutes.)

To someone with an insiders’ understanding of the Western (or in the words of ICC’s distinguished Russian indictee, “Anglo-Saxon”) mind-set, especially in conjunction with the practice of their bogus “courts,” ICC and ICTY, it is crystal clear where the accusation of child abduction and deportation is going. Slobodan Milošević put his finger on it when he said that “they are not attacking Serbia because of Milošević, they are attacking Milošević because of Serbia.” The head of the Russian state, for plenty of reasons, is the subject of their venomous hatred, but their real and ultimate target is Russia itself.

The accusation involving the involuntary transfer of children was formulated with a specific goal in mind, and that is to pin on Russia the charge of genocide. All other charges from their arsenal that could have been and perhaps will eventually be concocted have been put on the back burner, in the expectation that this one will gain traction. The objective is to destroy Russia morally prior to its hoped for partition into a dozen or more repentant, prostrate, and plundered statelets. The Genocide Convention and the “jurisprudence” of the Hague Tribunal have set the stage and the only additional tool they need is a corrupt court to pronounce the verdict. They have it in the ICC.

It is all there in the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. Article 2(e) declares that forcible child transfer committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group as such, amounts to genocide. Note that ICC’s perfidiously formulated allegation against the head of the Russian state dovetails precisely with Convention language and requirements. The inclusion of the forcible child transfer clause in the Genocide Convention was ostensibly connected with the vulnerability of children, their “dependence, futurity, and malleability” as well as the destructive consequences of this practice for the viability of group survival, it is argued in a scholarly article on this topic.

To debate with moral and intellectual perverts is useless. Their twisted mind-set and satanic world system, including the entire range of its pernicious manifestations, must be uprooted and demolished. Otherwise, neither Russia nor mankind will be likely to survive.




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