Not one of the items that follow will strike a typical resident of the “collective West,” aka the 14 percent of the world that styles itself the “international community,” as inherently improbable or even odd in many instances. They have grown accustomed to it; it is part of their everyday landscape. Here, for illustrative purposes, is a select but representative sample of policies and prescribed behaviours that in that bizarre but thankfully shrinking part of the world have come to constitute the new normal.

  1. In order to maintain the fiction that in their attributes men and women are physiologically indistinguishable, the Canadian government has mandated the installation of tampon dispensers in men’s bathrooms. The empirical fact that men have no use for tampons is trumped by ideology, which dictates categorically that they do because it is dogmatically prescribed that men do menstruate and are furthermore able to give birth to babies. People who believe themselves to be something they are not, and claim that their subjective self-perception overrides reality, are politically empowered to cancel empirical observation and the conclusions reached by scientists who perform accurate, verifiable research.
  2. Also on the ideological reality chopping block is terminology that points to pre-woke, common sense notions about natural relations between human beings. “Mother” and “father, “expressions that allude to the manifestly different roles of parents in the process of conception and nurture of offspring, in the woke-controlled universe have been forcibly replaced by designations “parent no. 1” and “parent no. 2,” invented to hide those facts. Now the Methodist Church of Great Britain has gone a step farther, to label terms “husband” and “wife” offensive. Inspired by inclusivity, the technical rationale for this departure from normalcy is “to avoid making assumptions” that are not “the reality for many people.”
  3. The avant-garde state of California has passed a law that takes effect this year, AB 1084, requiring large retail stores to include gender neutral toy sections or face fines and other punishments. The new law will place an additional undue burden on retailers and will have the foreseeable economic impact of raising the price of toys generally for normal families and their children. Incidentally, it is anybody’s guess what the definition of gender neutral toys is and whether there is a market for such items. But in a parallel universe governed by ideological delusions these are inconsequential details.
  4. In Britain, the country where the novel 1984, which introduced the notion of thought crime, had been written, the first literal thought crime prosecutions have recently been instituted. Isabel Vaughan Spruce, Director of UK March for Life, so far has been cited by the police three times and taken to court for silently praying in front of abortion clinics. Readers should note that her arrests were triggered not by speech or conduct but for an “objectionable” activity that was purely mental. British authorities did not contest her right as a citizen (or royal subject, if you wish) to be in the public space where she was detained. Detention and prosecution were based entirely on their perception of what allegedly was going on in her mind, in the proximity of an abortion clinic, which the authorities considered might be provocative and perturbing to the consumers of the clinic’s services. Readers should be aware that in common law the concept of thought transgression does not exist and that so far the British Parliament has not given statutory expression to such an offence. Nevertheless, an actual person presumably endowed with human rights has been subjected to persecution for objectively unprovable thoughts in order to enforce a legally non-existent norm. But that is the new normal, the rules based order of woke jurisprudence now taking shape in the land that once prided itself on upholding the “rights of Englishmen,” no matter how eccentric. Even the KGB in the old days could not have made this up.
  5. Returning to avant-garde California, award-winning Glendale fifth-grade teacher Ray Shelton was suspended for refusing to acquiesce to male students who “identify” as girls stripping naked in front of female students in the girls’ changing room. For opposing the transgender agenda in his school Shelton lost his job. It made no difference that female students and their parents fully supported him and also vehemently objected to these aggressive displays of opposite sex nudity. Glendale happens to be a heavily Armenian suburb of Los Angeles and its overwhelmingly normal residents are unacculturated to progressive Western values. They reacted with consternation to the state-orchestrated sexualisation of their children. Their protests, however, were to no avail. Shelton is now suing the state for damages. Good luck, in the judicial system of the deranged state of California.

These morsels of lunacy might be regarded as the tragicomical final stage in the collapse of a suicidal civilisation except for the fact that by means of highhanded political manipulation and arrogant agenda imposition even nations and cultures which still retain a residue of sanity are being cowed into submission and drawn into the abyss. Let Serbia serve as an instructive case study, foreshadowing the contours of the coming dystopia.

For a number of years already and to the utter disgust of its citizens the Serbian government has been signalling its submission to Western values by allowing the parade that the Russian government has had the good sense to prohibit. But that is the least of it. Under the radar, Serbia’s colonial administration recently reconfirmed its fealty to the foreign masters by passing a gender equality law with severely restrictive provisions, copy/pasted from analogous legislation already in effect in the aforementioned 14 percent and shrinking portion of the known world.

As of April of this year, on pain of heavy penalties, in all gender related matters Serbs will be required to mimic their collective West models. The educational system, including textbooks, and all public sector communication will be reorganised to reflect the newly mandated guidelines. The imposition of gender sensitive language, including pronouns, ranks high on this agenda. Serbian parents will be obliged to conform willingly to the whims of their soon to be brainwashed children, acquiesce to gender transition hormone treatments for their youngsters, and to strictly observe the pronoun regime that will be demanded of them. Resistance will result in steep fines and prison sentences and in their offspring being forcibly removed from parental custody to be placed in government-approved foster care.

How totally “modern” is Serbia’s legislation in this regard may be judged from the fact that in Scotland an almost identical law, providing for up to seven years in prison for recalcitrant parents who refuse to accept their children identifying as transgender, has been submitted but still remains in the legislative pipeline. Assuredly it will be passed in the near future, but colonial Serbia can now boast of having beaten Scotland to the punch.

The alert reader might ask what compels Serbia to pass laws that an overwhelming majority of its citizens, perhaps exceeding in number even those who support Russia’s Special Military Operation, find utterly abhorrent. Serbia is not a member of the European Union nor is it obligated by any treaty to embrace such culturally alien norms.

In Serbia, there does not seem to be anybody capable of providing a coherent answer to this very pertinent question, though it may reasonably be inferred that the subservient position of the political elite vis-à-vis their foreign curators probably has something to do with it. But as Serbian academic and spokesman for Serbia’s Family Defence Coalition, Dr. Miša Djurković, has discovered, in his country it is inadvisable even to pose such questions. He and his colleagues, also distinguished academics and public intellectuals, have been targeted with malicious harassment lawsuits for “discrimination” (readers from Western countries know exactly how that works) to the point where their patience and financial resources are now exhausted.

As a result, Dr. Djurković has sadly decided to terminate his pro-family activities. He recently published a tongue-in-cheek “apology” to his woke detractors, the powerful foreign supported and abundantly financed lobby that is wreaking havoc on his country’s morals and culture whilst subverting the remnants of its degraded legal system. (Readers with a command of the Serbian language may peruse his downhearted missive here.) Needless to say, the very subtlety of the genre Dr. Djurković has chosen to announce his “capitulation” ensures that his point will be entirely lost on the woke ruffians to whose terror, one hopes only temporarily, he appears to have succumbed.

The nefarious agenda that Dr. Djurković had attempted valiantly to  oppose in his home country may well triumph, in Serbia and elsewhere,  if Bertrand Russell’s nightmarish post-human vision ever comes true, and the collective West’s luciferian engineers of human souls manage to massively implant in the human consciousness “the unshakable conviction that snow is black.” That is the goal that Russell quite frankly proposed they pursue. But those were not Lord Russell’s private musings. It was the authoritative articulation of the ideology which animates the perpetrators of what Archbishop Vigano has called the “global coup d’état, the all-out war against humanity not motivated only by a lust for wealth and power but mainly by a religious motive …” Russell was in his time a leading intellectual oracle of those very perpetrators. Their pseudo-religious motive, Vigano explains, is “Satan’s hatred: hatred of God, hatred of God’s creation and hatred of man who is created in the image and likeness of God.” The Archbishop is spot on.

Compulsory denial of the evidence of one’s senses and obligatory surrender to repugnant nonsense constitutes the initial step in that direction. That most certainly is not a scheme for the betterment of society. It is a blueprint for the crushing of the human spirit, leading ultimately to its total subjugation.




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