Third-world style electoral fraud is now the rule in the United States of America. The new normal was officially introduced nation-wide in 2020. Before that it was thought that corrupt elections were confined to a handful of urban areas run by corrupt political machines. Now, for the second time in a row, rigged elections have been enacted to become the defining feature of the “democratic process” on the national level.

Americans whose brains are still functioning are wondering how the 2022 mid-term election could go off in contravention of all hitherto recognized political rules and even what common sense would dictate as the most likely reaction of voters to the dismal condition into which the country has been plunged by its current managers. There is no need to specially point out the imbecility rampant at the highest levels or the scope of the economic disaster that has ruined the lives of millions. A sane, reasoning public would have no motive to entrust the country to the same set of vandalous destroyers that have been devastating it for the last two years. Nothing comparable has ever before happened in political history. There are only two viable explanations. Either the brains of the American people have been completely fried by some unknown technological devices, or the same nefarious technology by which fraudulento results were achieved two years ago was resorted to successfully once more.

Two years ago, when nation-wide (as opposed to merely local) electoral fraud was still a relative novelty, there was lively analysis and criticism of what had just happened and how. It is notable that now, the absurdity of the rigged results notwithstanding, critical voices are few and far between. The frightful intimidation that has been visited on dissenters over the last two years has evidently borne abundant fruit. Almost everyone has fallen in line and there is scarcely a soul left willing to question the obviously bogus official narrative.

A friend of our website recently wrote to us in bewilderment: “Biden is so unpopular and yet the election results were so close!?” In response to that superficial paradox, we wrote back to him as follows: “They were not close, the votes were counted by the same Dominion machines like last time. You remember Stalin’s famous adage: it does not matter how people vote but who is counting the votes . . . They spent two years after the last «election» intimidating the bamboozled American public not to question election results on pain of ostracism and shaming. It has worked. In the face of a manifestly unnatural result hardly anyone dares to call it by its real name: fraud.”

What just happened was tragic and will have a dire effect on long-term political processes in America in two significant ways. First, it shows that the backbone of the American people is largely broken. There is no one to inspire them to demand that the basic right of a free nation — to choose its governors in honest elections — be respected, and they are no longer capable of self-organizing in the defense of the marvellous system of government that had been bequeathed to them. Secondly, the widespread cynicism toward the political system will now be reinforced and even fewer “citizens,” now being rapidly transformed into subjects, or more accurately serfs, will be troubled to take an interest in it.

That result is just fine for the gravediggers of the United States of America. That is exactly what they need to perpetuate their rule.

Fake Elections Are The New Normal


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