Paul Craig Roberts is the John Revere of our days. He is relentlessly warning the American nation about the existential perils that they and their country are facing. Roberts is rightly disconcerted by what he calls the “insouciance” of the average American who has, apparently, forgotten or has chosen to disregard the admonition of another American patriot of bygone days that “eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” Vigilance, be it noted, is the exact opposite of insouciance.

Roberts’ analysis that follows is also applicable to the Serbs. It seems that when it comes to insouciance, it is they who wrote the handbook on that subject. Like Americans and West Europeans, Serbs are practicing insouciance with great vigour (may the intentional oxymoron be forgiven) and also to their own grave detriment.

An illustration of that is the surreptitious plan, discovered just days ago, to build a mosque in Mladenovac, a town in Central Serbia that has as many Muslims as Saudi Arabia has Christians. Clearly, there is at present hardly anyone in Mladenovac who would use that mosque for worship. The construction is being financed by a zealous Arab businessman and is obviously intended to cater to the religious needs not of present but of future residents. These residents are the multitudes of migrants that are being settled in Serbia with the active connivance of the corrupt Serbian regime. The issues pertaining to this scandal are set forth in greater detail in a Serbian-language comment also posted on our website.

The situation in Serbia — for the moment the focal point is the provincial town of Mladenovac, but if the plan succeeds there without serious opposition its application will soon be replicated in other parts of the unfortunate country — fits in perfectly with the scenario for induced national suicide which Roberts ably exposes.

A hundred years ago, Dr. Archibald Reiss published a warning to the Serbian nation that he had come to love: “Listen, Serbs!”  Unfortunately, his warnings then fell on deaf ears then just as it seems that Roberts’ warning are going unheeded today.

On Christmas eve in Paris the police were battling violent protesters from the Paris Kurdish community. Clashes of this sort have become common all over Europe. They are the product of “diversity” and “multiculturalism.”

Countries that constitute the West are no longer nations. They are conglomerates of populations that have nothing in common. There are no common mores, no common values, no common religion. There are no unifying forces.

It is the same in the United States. Black Americans have been taught to see themselves as a separate, victimized people. The federal government leaves the borders undefended, across which millions of immigrant-invaders pour every year. Washington adds to this inflow large numbers of refugees from its wars in the Middle East, North Africa, and now Ukraine.

The Western governments are committed to continue watering down the ethnic nationality of the white countries despite the fact that the cultural, social, and political structure of countries of European ancestry are being radically altered. Democracy, free speech, and accountable government are being replaced by tyranny.

Tyranny is the only possible outcome. A divided people–a Tower of Babel– cannot hold government accountable.

Are the architects and advocates of multiculturalism aware of the consequences of their project? If they are, why do they hate unity, which is a basis for liberty? It was decades ago that the US stopped the practice of acculturating immigrants. The process that turned Italian, Polish, and Scandinavian peoples into Americans was labeled “racist white hegemony” if applied to the inflows of darker skinned peoples. The abandonment of acculturation turned immigration into replacement in the broadest sense, not just of the ethnicity of the population, but of the culture and the form of government. Without unity required for government by consent, government rests on power.

Opponents of open borders often make a welfare argument. The millions of poor and uneducated people entering the country become a welfare burden on citizens who are already struggling. But the real issue is not whether the immigrant-invaders contribute to society, which some clearly do, but the transformation of a nation into a tower of babel. A tower of babel has no national consciousness.

A tower of babel is fertile ground for the Democrat Party’s Identity Politics. The Democrats support open borders because they see a one-party government in the votes of the inflows of third world peoples. The white Democrats are miscalculating. Once their numbers suffice, the immigrants won’t need the white Democrats. They will take power and allocate resources to serve their interests. Democrats can learn their future by reading The Camp of the Saints.

For decades white liberals have been creating a powerful propaganda tool for the immigrant-invaders. The old Marxian class conflict has been replaced by the racial conflict in which white-skinned people are the oppressors and dark-skinned people are their victims. This places the whites in the wrong, creates a sense of guilt, and undermines confidence. A defense of white people is dismissed as racist.

Third world peoples experience government as a weapon to be used against opposition. They were not brought up in a framework of civil liberty, and neither are America’s own younger generations. The voices from the past that connect us to our identity have been weakened. As the voices weaken, the nation dissolves. Its replacement is a tower of babel governed by raw power.

2023 is late to begin asking if this is what we really want. We certainly can’t wait any longer before confronting the implications of our present course.



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