Some of my best students and friends asked me what my message to President Putin would be if I had a chance to get a few words into his hands.

Here is what springs to mind…

Dear President Putin,

I know that not even in a chronon of time you would ever read this at this trying hour. Yet, …

Before anything, I apologize for writing it—a Slav to a Slav—in English, but it is yet another sign that you are needed in order to elevate Russian to the deserved prominence in which the language of contemporary world’s hijackers glories.

And, now, my first advice: Listen to Socrates! He said: The shortest and most direct road to real influence is for a man to be that for which he wishes men to take him. Most people in the world (even your “partners”!) see you as the most influential world LEADER. Then, LEAD and CHANGE the world!

No life is without duty! The higher the station, the greater the duty. The greatest blessing is when one has a choice in when and how to discharge that duty. You have both!

Discharging one’s duty proves the nobility of character—neglecting it, a disgrace!

In spite of the Western self-destructive teachings, we don’t live for ourselves only but for our kinsmen and realm.

And to exercise justice—which is rendering to each his due. Not only to those who benefit us, but even more to those who wrong us, and the ones for whom we live! Thus we acquire HONOR—as Plato said—the greatest beauty, with which, if mortal eyes could see it, the whole world would fall in love!

Kant taught that man is the greatest creature on earth, but only if he is not a brute but a creature willing and capable of creating, following, and enforcing law and order—acts that make him closest to the angels.

The greatness of soul, without which there is no greatness of any kind, as the Stoics said, is “a virtue contending for justice and honesty”.

An injustice may be done by omission—seeing one’s kin wronged and not interfering stains one with guilt, which will be punished some day!

There are two ways in which one may be injured: force and fraud. Yet, if force is used for good, it is a noble and saving act, but secret villainy is always odious and must be punished, for it always causes evil.

Thus, it shall be both just and honest to possess and control Ukraine right away—to stop and prevent kinsmen being injured, to use force to implement order, and to avoid secret villainy, which irreparably stains and discredits.

Omission would only cause death and destruction in the future, when self-defense shall mean fighting the ever-advancing enemy on both Russia’s territory and on Ukraine’s!

Would you not be Russia’s Kennedy  and  prevent  Ukraine  from  being  turned  into

America’s Cuba?!

Exactly because you care for Ukrainians—of whom most are Russians—don’t forget that it is a fatal error for a leader to make even an impression in the heads of his compatriots, even for a moment, that he puts the interests of foreigners above those of his own people!

Remember: Those who didn’t observe the Sacred Peace during the Olympic Games shall violate and profane every other concord between nations! Not recognizing and opposing such hubris is a transgression in itself.

They didn’t even attempt at gentleness and nobility of soul—the most sublime of Russia was displayed before them but their exhibitionist coprophiliac destiny lead them to manifest to the world each and every scatological detail from their own bathrooms in Sochi. These are the kind of people who would use even a paralympian’s temporary indignity for a sweet taste of the hate of Russia in their mouths.

I personally remember the public display of enjoyment by the highest Western apparatchiks, wallowing in the filth of verbal obscenities fusilladed at hapless Russia’s and Ukraine’s delegates to international organizations during Yeltsin’s Babylonian Captivity.

Even at gatherings at the self-declared “progressive” Washington’s think tanks it wasn’t uncommon to hear Westerners’ loud wisdom: “You know the Slavs are coming by the stench drifting in.”

Not a day passed without a reminder that the word Slav equals Slave!

The people with such mental construction cannot accept even the evident truth that it was ever possible for one of them to had been evil. Ms. Hitlery Clinton just told us that you are the reincarnation of the greatest evil of XX century. Soon, just as they had done it in former Yugoslavia, they will re-write history so that their Ukrainian Nazi friends will be justified in attacking the true Devil in the Kremlin, just as Hitler had done it. Remember: Croatia wasn’t incorporated into the E.U. and NATO by chance. Birds of a feather…

There are only two rules for the West:

  1. Whatever they do, when they do it, it is good.
  2. Whatever they find against their momentary interest is evil.

They have internalized hypocrisy so profoundly that they are incapable any longer of recognizing its existence within their own beings.

Any hint of conscience awakening must be suppressed, and the one who awakens it must be eliminated. The ugly truly hate mirrors!

It seems that Cicero had best described it: They hate you with that “implacable hatred with which” “bad, ambitious, and able” creatures hate “an opponent who is superior in ability and popularity as well as character”.

Cicero should remind you that true friendship can exist only amongst the good, and that the greatest attraction—and therefore the truest friendships—will always be of the good towards the good.

They are so full of their own superiority that they cannot understand compromise or cooperation—in their dogmatic ideology both are only recognition and demonstration of submission and inferiority.

Do not waste your patronage to seek affection of your enemies but to divide them—your allies will stay with you for the enemy today is mutual.

It is necessary sometimes not to yield in order to reap the gains of victory!

Although it is on the American continent that they propagate the illusion that they are the modern Rome, it is Moscow that is the Third Rome.

Therefore, invest yourself with the Paludamentum and go ahead until, when all is done and said, you, as Cicero did, may say simply “Vixerunt!”, so that we all may live in peace and security, with only a bad memory of contemporary Catilinas.

Milton, in his Paradise Regained, seems to have described today’s Western “leaders”: “Ignorant of themselves, of God much more;

Much of [democracy] they talk, but all awry;

And in themselves seek virtue, and to themselves

All glory arrogate, to God give none.”

If  you  hesitate  but  for  a  moment,  remember  Dr.  Samuel  Johnson’s  common  sense: “Attack is the reaction. I never think I have hit hard unless it rebounds.”

For  my  penultimate  message,  I  remind  you  of  Lord  Lytton’s  Tale  of  Miletus,  and Sisyphus’ words to a critic: “Now, then, I know thou art my friend, None but true friends choose such unpleasant words.”

At the closing, know that all the West’s “reason” is riled against you, but all humanity’s faith rests with you!

Just as Fyodor Tyutchev wrote about the nation you are leading:

“Who could, using reason, of Russia speak? For her there is no scale of any kind:

Her soul is so unique, By faith alone divined.”



Višeslav Simić, Ph.D.

Professor of Geopolitics, Strategy and Political Analysis

Tecnologico de Monterrey


March 9, 2014


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