The original intention was for the title of this text to read “for Ukraine,” but I quickly realised that I must correct myself. Ukraine as such is irrelevant here and nobody in the West would bother to collect and ship winter assistance if the beneficiary were merely Ukraine or its wretched inhabitants. The winter assistance machinery that is being activated presumably for reasons of compassion has nothing to do with helping people in need. It is motivated by the same rationale and guided by exactly the same strategic imperatives as eighty years ago, when Operation Barbarossa got stuck in the East in the terrible winter of 1941/1942.

This time around, the “humanitarian” relief activities organised to improve things on the Eastern Front are not confined to Nazi Germany and its propagandised population. It is a Pan-European project undertaken by its successor entity which, ironically, happens to be virtually coterminous with the Nazi occupied Europe of that era.

Indeed, the Winterhilfe machinery is getting into high gear, the highly emblematic difference being that its symbolic headquarters this time is not in Berlin, but in the would-be spiritual centre of pagan Europe, the Vatican. The mantle may appear slightly different, but the Kampf against Russia and the civilisation it epitomises remains the same. The assistance being gathered by the united West under a humanitarian guise is not intended for the sham state of Ukraine or to ease the suffering of its unfortunate citizens, who this winter must endure the freezing consequences of their foreign satraps’ criminal folly. It is intended for the strengthening of the collective West’s Ost-Front, cynically calculated to keep the Ukrainian cannot fodder moderately warm and willing to suicidally fight a bit longer while a military or political solution, or both, is being sought for a pre-empted Blitzkrieg obviously gone awry.

The scope of this undertaking was outlined by Germany’s pathetic Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock, who unquestionably is everything that Andrei Martyanov says she is and probably more, to the effect that “Germany is supporting Ukraine with extensive aid deliveries for the upcoming winter. Generators, heaters and pumps, but also sanitary containers, tents and blankets would be delivered.”

For an earlier version, watch this:

And also this, with Annalena’s predecessor Reichsleiter Dr. Robert Ley doing the honours in a previous collection drive for the front:

In the context of these “humanitarian” efforts, the Vatican, naturally, cannot be left behind. It has accordingly announced that its “charity office is holding a drive to collect thermal shirts for people in Ukraine as they face an energy emergency amid the war.” Never to miss a photo-op, the Holy Father himself visited relief workers to give them his blessing and encouragement, while his Uniate cleric Vyacheslav Grynevych of the Ukrainian branch of Caritas was drumming up support for the humanitarian drive.

Amid these touching manifestations of the Holy See’s benevolence, the Europe that historically had been the Vatican’s spiritual turf is now closing access to Ukrainian refugees who delusionally imagine that in the “stable and prosperous” European lands this winter might be warmer for them. They would be wise to ask their European contacts, if they have any, to confirm this fairy tale before setting out this winter to seek a warm refuge in the West. Moreover, Europe’s widespread refusal to allow more Ukrainian refugees suggests rather plausibly that present day Europeans are not too keen on fulfilling Christ’s injunction “when they want to take your shirt, give them your [warm winter] coat also,” all of Vatican’s humanitarian posturing notwithstanding.

Europe’s winter assistance theatre is in fact a replay of similar collection drives organised by German authorities in an attempt to assuage the misery of invading Nazi troops bogged down on the Eastern Front. The fundamental difference is that back then winter help was directed to their own soldiers many, if not most, of whom were willing supporters or at least passive participants in the ultimately disastrous East Front campaign. As the Nazi propaganda poster correctly points out, it was a matter of “a people helping itself.” Fair enough, if any Germans back home felt strongly enough to be willing to shiver while giving away their own winter socks and coats to keep warm SS Grenadiers in the East. In the present case, however, the purpose of the assistance charade is entirely different. It is not to help one’s own or anyone at all for charity’s sake, in this case the clueless Ukrainians. With regard to the expendable Ukrainian civilians, it is to pacify them by enhancing their threshold of tolerance for needless hardship, and in the case of cannon fodder soldiers it is to motivate them to endure the pointless combat in slightly greater comfort a bit longer so as to foolishly waste even more lives.

The cynicism of this bogus humanitarian campaign, in which all the major institutions of the collective West, including the Vatican, are taking part, is appalling.




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