It is impossible to overestimate the significance of this Declaration. In light of the support which the criminal regime, acting illegitimately in the name of the Serbian people, is lending to violators in Palestine not just of international legal principles but – even more importantly of the fundamental principles of morality and humane conduct  – this Declaration is endowed with a profound legal and moral significance. The text speaks for itself and unerringly reflects the moral position of the Serbian people with regard to the destruction, deliberate privation, and slaughter of the civilian population of Gaza. With regard to the currently most urgent issue in international relations, the governments of Serbia and the Republic of Srpska are not just ignoring the victims but are taking publicly a position in favor of the aggressors and oppressors. Although the regime is manifestly illegitimate and does not speak in the name of the Serbian nation on this or a number of other important issues, in the absence of an authentic response the reputation of the Serbian people would be irreparably stained. The Declaration that follows removes that stain to a large degree.

The chief political figures who personally control all official actions of the Serbian people in Serbia and in the Serb Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina have declared their governments in support of the actions of the government of Israel in the territory of Palestine.

Serbians, as a people who have for decades suffered widespread and systemic discrimination, economic and political sanctions, genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and ethnic cleansing by the Collective West, organized, led, and executed by the US, through NATO and the EU, and their local Balkan accomplices, cannot accept, and we firmly collectively reject any and all support for Israel’s actions, which those who have usurped our national sovereignty have expressed in our name.

Serbs, being the first European people to suffer internationally organized and executed genocide and ethnic cleansing after WWII, condemn firstly all of those who collectively or individually committed genocide and ethnic cleansing against the Serbs – and among those are the multitudes of Islamic governments and organizations, as well as individuals, including the members of those organizations who govern Palestine – and we declare that we will never either forget or forgive these crimes or those who committed them. Neither can we forget or forgive the silence of Muslim leaders while the genocide of the Middle Eastern and African Christians was committed by those who claim to be Muslims. These deaths of our Christian brothers and sisters caused us immeasurable pain and anguish too. We may not forget and forgive not only the silence during the decade-long murder of Russian children in the Donbass region but also the silent support and arming of the Nazi genocidal American puppets in Kiev, while there was loud and direct condemnation of Russia because she stepped in to help her people. Today, these same people cry out to Russia to get involved and stop the genocide against the children of Palestine.

Yet, as a nation and a people who experienced collective and systemic exercise by the vast majority of the governments and organizations of both the Collective West and the Islamic political and religious sphere of hatred, persecution, murder, dispossession, destruction of material goods and spiritual heritage, both by individual states and by the UN and other multilateral and bilateral organizations, which has been only remotely matched only by the Collective West’s treatment of Russians, both in the Russian Federations and globally – we, Serbs, condemn, oppose, and declare as such current Israel’s genocide against Palestinians, its war crimes, crimes against humanity, and ethnic cleansing, notwithstanding the fact of the suffering experienced through the recent actions by Hamas against the people who were on the territory where these acts took place, and among whom were citizens of Israel, dual citizens of Israel and many other states, and citizens of many states of today’s world.

We, Serbs, want it to be known that we sympathize with the suffering of all, but we reject the so-called “rules-based-global system” and firmly support international law established after WWII through the UN and other global organizations, which was first violated and negated by the US and its criminal allies exactly against the Serbs when Yugoslavia was destroyed in the 1990s, and most blatantly in 1995 and 1999 through the vicious and genocidal NATO/US/EU bombing of the Serbs, both military and civilian, when the Collective West robbed us of our legal and ancestral territory with many Islamic state and private actors as accomplices in that still-ongoing process.

We emphasize that Israel too is an accomplice in this genocide and dispossession of the Serbs through its recognition of the terrorists who pose as a government in the occupied territory of Serbia’s province of Kosovo and Metohija.

Yet, we, Serbs, recognize the international law’s definitions of crime against peace, genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and the internationally accepted definition of ethnic cleansing, and call for official indictments, arrest, and prosecution of officials and individuals responsible for them, both among the parties directly involved in such acts in Palestine, but even more of those in the US and the Collective West, who commit one additional crime of amplifying all the crimes mentioned by assisting in them politically and materially, by inactivity in stopping them, and not providing humanitarian assistance and relief to the civilians affected by them.

We again reject the official positions by the usurpers of our sovereignty both in Serbia and the Serb Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We express our deepest sympathies to the innocent victims of violence. We call on the Great Powers who proclaimed their adherence to the existing international law to act in accordance with it in order to stop the violence, indict the criminals, and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law they claim to defend and follow.

If they do not act, the world will, after the already committed erasure of the original peoples of Kosovo and Metohija and Nagorni Karabakh, enter the age of open and unrestricted genocides of “lesser peoples” by those who possess the military power and political might to eliminate those whom they see as erasable from collective humanity.

No one in the modern world knows that experience better than the Serbs, having suffered from both the West, the Islamic world, and the inactivity and impotence of Russia and China.


The People’s Movement for the Resurrection of Serbia

On the day of The Holy Martyrs Sergius and Baccus,

who were not afraid to stand up to the Emperor Maximian

in order to defend Truth, Justice, Freedom,

and the right to live in full human dignity

October 20, 2023           


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