A cogent appeal by Prof. Višeslav Simić to the President of Russia which deserves careful reading and consideration.


End Serbia’s White Nights


Save Her from the Black Widow’s Net,


Dear President of Russia, and of all the world’s people who yearn for the end of the Collective West’s tyranny and destruction —

A quarter of a century (almost) is a long time to get a chance to fix a state – even one so discomposed as Russia was when you came to her helm.

That is also an entire youth in a man’s life, and the best part of one’s professional career, in which he creates, earns, builds a reputation, and saves for a secure old age in dignity.

In Russia… well, you know how much you have done for Her. Most benevolent people agree that you have done a masterly job while traditional Russia haters envy Russians for having you. Non-haters of Russia respect you for that and wish they had leaders who would defend their states and bring about their recovery as you did with yours.

In Serbia, meanwhile, a few more generations have been added to the number of those lost during the last, more or less, 100 years of the organized, systematic, and well-executed destruction of the Serbian people – by foreign enemies, ethnic and religious renegades, full of rage against their former selves, and domestic political rot, whose agents have committed not only high treason but auto-genocides as well.

We, Serbs, are on the edge of the abyss today!

We cannot wait any longer![1]

Therefore, I will be brief, because for Serbia the clock is ticking… No time for verbiage any longer – Serbs must decide… For others, in the West, had decided the Serbs’ fate a long time ago, and the moment has come to execute their plans.

Our question is:

Should we believe in Russia any longer?!

Tens of thousands of Russians are in Serbia today and most spread horrible stories about Russia (even here, in México!), and destroy the faith Serbs have in you, while nothing is done by your media or state representatives to counter that soul-stifling venom.

Your officials, both in Moscow and in the Balkans, are when it comes to Serbia, deaf, dumb, and blind…

Who chooses such servants of the state’s interests?

And, more importantly – what is Russia’s interest in regard to the Serbian people, the Republic of Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina (the Serb Republic within it)?

Are your aids half-witted so that only 50% of reality reaches their cognitive centers so that their conclusions, and subsequent actions, are much worse than the 100% wrong assessments made by the Collective West?!

We only know what we see and hear…

You receive and reward with decorations our worst – both from Serbia and the rest of the Balkans!

His Excellency Botsan-Kharchenko, Russia’s ambassador to Belgrade, has been NATO’s greatest asset in Serbia! He never misses an opportunity to deflate Serbia’s hopes for self-liberation from the clutches of the NATO Empire. He and Zakharova (still very much loved by the Serbs) call us, the people, enemies of Serbia, accusing us of collaboration with the US and the EU in enslaving ourselves… Please, either tell us that he is a false yurodivy[2] or put a sign over the gates of the embassy of Russia in Belgrade, Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch’intrate![3]

Maria Zakharova claims that “the elected officials in Serbia are capable of solving the country’s problems” (in whose creation by the US they collaborated!)  and that Russia is “interested in stability both in the whole region and in the brotherly country of Serbia” (for us to remain slaves and eventually be exterminated?). Yet – we know (and you must know it too!) that the whole political class in Serbia, and the so-called civil society, is in the pay of the US/NATO/EU (not one individual, organization, or political party in Serbia has Russia’s public support!), that for almost three years now Serbia has been an extraconstitutional territory, with neither a legal nor a legitimate Parliament, where the Supreme Court has practically abolished itself, ruling that they have no jurisdiction regarding the most fundamental issues, and where the President was not elected but proclaimed by the illegal and illegitimate “Parliament”! And that the ambassador of the US is the true ruler in Belgrade!

We see on YouTube Maria Zakharova dancing, but we, Serbs, wonder if the words of the song, “Oh, you, oh, don’t fear me. I won’t touch you, don’t worry!”[4], are true for us?! We, actually, yearn for Russia’s touch, to steady ourselves, and to put behind us that desperate feeling of abandonment and loneliness that prevails among the Serbs today. (Remember William Congreve’s warning in The Mourning Bride: “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”!)

Lavrov, Maria’s boss, can’t come to Serbia. He claims that Bulgaria wouldn’t allow the foreign minister of Russia to fly over her territory… OK, we accepted that. Russia respects international law… But, then, why has Russia not exercised her duty, according to international law, to enforce the UNSC Resolution 1244, which guarantees Serbia’s territorial integrity? And Lavrov, again – he never invited Russia’s true allies among the Serbs, nor helped them formulate and execute a winning and implementable opposition platform in Russia’s (and Serbia’s!) interest?

We Serbs watch Russia’s every move! And what do we see? You chose to support and decorate our criminals who have committed high treason – both Dodik (the original US, that is, Madelaine Albright’s “breath of fresh air”, and her choice for the post-capitulation era “leader”), in the Serb Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Vučić[5] (the blood-sucking Black Widow at the center of the lethal Serb-trapping net), in Serbia.


Serbs have started asking the most fateful question: Should we snap out of our Russian fairytale, in which we are the perpetual helpless damsel in distress, and get at least a minor role in America’s Balkan horror movie – but, maybe, not the role of a butchered dumb blonde any longer?!

Just a reminder – the only mass demonstrations in support of Russia were in Serbia. Today, after so many blunders by Russia’s officials, not so sure the masses would so faithfully gather… Also… Bakhmut, the capital of Slavo-Serbia, founded by the Serbs who migrated to Russia to save their eternal souls endangered by the Papists’ mass forced conversion of the Orthodox in the Balkans, turning them into proto-Banderist Croats – we prayed for its liberation until it was granted by God… Donbass… the most productive people and soil of the Russian Empire – most of them Serbs by blood… and ever faithful to Mother Russia… St. John of Shanghai was born in Adamovka, and was sanctified through the instructions of St. Nikolay Velimirovich in the present-day North Macedonia, the imperial center of Serbia that today’s neo-communist Serbian “patriarch” simply gave away to a set of US-sponsored Serbian enemies, as he is about to give away Kosovo and Metohija to another gang of murderers backed by the US… Count Sava Vladislavich of Dubrovnik (now possessed by Croats!) was a Serb… You should know all about him, given your government service and today’s Russo-Chinese cooperation… So many Imperial generals who fought Napoleon were Serbs… Vronski’s (that is, Raevsky’s) heart is buried in Serbia… We remember… But we are not so convinced that the Kremlin does…

We Serbs are tough. We have been like that forever… But even forever ends one day. Even the most dedicated faithful waiting bride turns into a bitter withered spinster, and eventually come to resent her promised bridegroom.

We are tired of waiting, and dying doing while Russia courts all our violators and abusers, and does not seem to care about that which is most dear to us – Freedom, and Kosovo!

Today, the massive demonstrations in Belgrade are for Freedom – not against violence, as the corrupt media claim, or that it is a US-organized “colored revolution”, as your officials say. (Yes, the US-paid “opposition” in Belgrade is unsuccessfully trying to highjack the protests to install an even more anti-Russian and pro-US government.) Serbs shall use violence to win freedom! We did it all alone many times, in many authentic Serbian Revolutions! Even when Russia advised us against it …

Also, don’t forget that the greatest and most numerous demonstrations in Podgorica, Montenegro, and in Banja Luka, the Serb Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, were about Kosovo and Metohija! It was not about any other issue! That is the soul and lifeblood of the Serbs!

And your people in Serbia are supporting those who are giving it away to NATO to serve as a base against you!

It took you 8 years to admit that you should have acted in Western Russia in 2014 to prevent the resurgence of the Bandera Reich. Lukashenko reconfirmed that belated understanding.

In the meantime, Malorussians were turned into Counter-Russians, and celebrate and glorify each and every Russian death together with your sworn enemies.

Only we, Serbs, remained steady in our love and admiration of Russia, and hopeful that “Putin shall remember us!”[6]

One year, three months and two weeks is a long White Night for a people so far south of the Russian latitudes where such nights are natural… Yet Serbs, both those trapped within the borders of the Black Widow’s network, in Serbia and in the “fresh air” of the Serb Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and we, Serbs in the global diaspora, many of whom have lost jobs and experienced harassment because of our support of Russia, have stayed awake, sleepless, praying, worrying, hoping, blessing, and despairing for Russia and Russians worldwide.

We do not forget that the enemy first practiced on us all that is now being done to Russia. Don’t you forget it either!

Vidovdan, St. Vitus Day, is approaching again… We know that most fateful events happen on June 28… A breakup between Serbs and Russia happened on that day in 1948, although it was arranged by communists who had usurped both countries. Make Vidovdan 2023 a fateful day again! Make us see Russia in reality as we have always seen her in our hopes!

One reminder, though…

For 5 weeks already we are seeing total indifference by all in whose power it is to ensure the well-being and safety of probably the most valuable of Russia’s social media allies, Gonzalo Lira. From the very beginning of the SMO, he stood tall and proud, broadcasting extraordinarily valuable information to a global audience while being deep within the belly of the beast. There have been, and, thank God, there are others who deliver the truth to the veracity-starved world but no one was so alone and vulnerable as Gonzalo.

Today we may only ask (you?):

Where is Gonzalo Lira?

A similar fate is awaiting Serbs who, while clinched by NATO’s military deadly clasp, Serbia’s puppet government’s suffocating propaganda lock, and  Russia’s diplomatic blood-letting bear hug, are hemorrhaging and gasping for air so that with their last breath they may cry:

Where is Vladimir Vladimirovich?


Višeslav Simić, Ph.D.

Retired professor of geopolitics and public policy,

Ciudad de México

June 7, 2023


[1] https://thesaker.is/to-my-russian-brother-and-a-reminder-to-myself/

[2] юродивый – a holy fool

[3] “All hope abandon ye who enter here!” – Alighieri, Dante; Inferno.

[4] Ойся, ты ойся, Ты меня не бойся, Я тебя не трону, Ты не беспокойся!

[5] https://thesaker.is/moscow-do-not-believe-in-belgradian-tears/

[6] https://reissinstitute.org/en/documents/viseslav-simic-oh-hannah-if-only-you-could-see-it/


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