The latest and perhaps definitive attack to wipe out Kosovo Serbs began on Friday, May 26, as the traitorous Belgrade regime was putting the final touches on what turned out to be a disastrously failed and ineptly executed pro-government rally. Coincidence? Not at all. It was all planned to happen that way. About 200 Albanian busses from Kosovo brought 10,000 mostly male Serbs to Belgrade to soak in the torrential rain as they cheered the man who cynically betrayed them and turned their land, families, and homes over to the tender mercies of their enemies. They were pressured, intimidated, and blackmailed by Serbian regime thugs in Kosovo, working in harmonious collusion with the Albanian thugs who rule that Serbian land. At the end of the day however each and every one of them could have said NO.

But they did not, for whatever insignificant emoluments they received, a bit of cash, a bag of coffee or detergent, or even perhaps a few packets of toilet paper, the gift which lured many desperately poor nincompoops from Central Serbia to jump onto the cattle bus provided by the regime to attend the rally in Belgrade. Whatever it took, the men of the Serbian municipalities of Northern Kosovo were persuaded by the regime to leave their women, children, and elderly behind unprotected as they boarded the Albanian cattle busses that their enemies helpfully provided. It was important to all concerned that they be carted away, making sure they were not there at the critical time.

Apparently content to leave their families behind to endure the Albanian pogrom, Kosovo Serbs on their way to Belgrade to cheer their betrayer

The weekend after the Friday, May 26, rally in Belgrade will live in infamy, to paraphrase the famous words of President Roosevelt. As in an Agatha Christie murder mystery, it was a crime in which everyone was complicit. The regime clearly had an understanding with the Albanian thugs in Prishtina that the latter could send their police units to take over the remaining four Serb majority municipalities in the north of Kosovo, knowing full well that resistance would be minimal. As for the “international community,” NATO was holding military exercises in Kosovo in defiance of UN Security Council Resolution 1244, so at least it had the manpower to stop the Albanian assault, yet it chose not to do so. The Belgrade regime made some demagogic noises about protecting Kosovo Serbs but did nothing tangible that might have made a difference. The bought and paid for Serbian “opposition” were silent. The Western financed NGO’s spearheading the current color revolution literally ignored the plight of Kosovo Serbs when on the following day, May 27, their supporters staged another mass demonstration “against violence.” The “opposition” falsely classified as “patriotic,” which is in the pocket of the regime, made a few feeble pro forma statements which amounted to nothing. The Church, which is in the pocket of both the Western and the domestic enemies of the Serbian people, is also maintaining a disinterested silence.

These scenes of Serbs protesting the Albanian incursion convey a fairly accurate picture of the mood, if one ignores the stupid song which for inexplicable reasons accompanies the video:

This video of the physical confrontation portrays in no uncertain terms the gravity of the current situation:

There are dozens of injured Serbs, some in critical condition. Shamelessly, through its spokesman NATO issued a statement blaming unarmed and defenceless Serbs for “inciting violence.”

We may now be approaching the “final solution” for the Serbian people in Kosovo, leading to the expulsion of the remnant still there. The “legal” framework of that solution, and we might as well use the classical German word for these things, die Endlösung, was finalized by the tyrant in Brussels and Ohrid over the last several weeks. All that remains now is for the physical component of the solution to be implemented, and that is being done as we write this.

The Serbian people are now paying a terrible price for allowing a foreign selected and installed, blackmailed psychopath to be in charge of their destiny. This man of perdition will be cursed by generations, to be sure, and by comparison to him Vuk Branković will by default be rehabilitated. But the damage he has wrought, even with the greatest effort and sacrifice, it will not be possible to repair for an extremely long time.





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