This letter, which is available on the internet, is from a Ukrainian-American who recently visited her devastated homeland. It should be recalled that prior to being declared “independent” Ukraine was the most economically advanced part of the Soviet Union, with an educated population of about forty million. Then, in 1991, the collective West took it under its wing. By Victoria Nuland’s public admission five billion dollars were pumped into Ukraine to change its geostrategic orientation and delude its populace. The results are today plain to see. Ukraine has been turned into a Western colony under a bought and paid for corrupt puppet government. It was used as a bait to provoke conflict with Russia. Today, it lay in ruins, depopulated with barely twenty million inhabitants left, a generation of males slaughtered in a pointless proxy war (and now an increasing number of women as well since there hardly are any men left to be forcibly recruited), its vast economic potential devastated, its only remaining prospect being to serve as a vast cemetery for the bodies and hopes of its deluded people. The ancient Greeks  approached their victims bearing something at least resembling gifts. The collective West does not even make such a pretence. It openly comes bearing death and destruction.

I just got back from Ukraine, where I was visiting some friends.
Everything we have heard about what’s happening in Ukraine is a lie.
The reality is darker, bleaker, and unequivocally hopeless. There is no such thing as Ukraine “winning” this war.
– By their estimates, they have lost over one million of their sons, fathers and husbands; an entire generation is gone.
– Even in the Southwest, where the anti-Russian sentiment is long-standing, citizens are reluctant or straight-up scared to publicly criticize Zelensky; they will go to jail.
– In every village and town, the streets, shops, and restaurants are mostly absent of men.
– The few men who remain are terrified of leaving their homes for fear of being kidnapped into conscription. Some have resorted to begging friends to break their legs to avoid service.
– Army search parties take place early in the morning, when men leave their homes to go to work. They ambush and kidnap them off the streets and within 3-4 hours they get listed in the army and taken away straight to the front lines with minimal or no training at all; it is “a death sentence.”
– It’s getting worse every day. Where I was staying, a dentist had just been taken by security forces on his way to work, leaving behind two small children. Every day, 3-5 dead bodies keep arriving from the front lines.
– Mothers and wives fight tooth and nail with the armed forces, beg and plead not to have their men taken away. They try bribing, which sometimes works, but most of the time they are met with physical violence and death threats. 
– The territory celebrated as having been “won back” from Russia has been reduced to rubble and is uninhabitable. Regardless, there is no one left to live there and displaced families will likely never return.
– They see the way the war has been reported, at home and abroad. It’s a “joke” and “propaganda.” They say: “Look around: is this winning?”. 
– Worse, some have been hoaxed into believing that once Ukrainians forces are exhausted, American soldiers will come in to replace them and “win the war”.
There is no ambiguity in these people. The war was for nothing – a travesty. The outcome always was, and is, clear. The people are hopeless, utterly destroyed, and living in an unending nightmare. 
They are pleading for an end, any end – most likely the same “peace” that could have been achieved two years ago. In their minds, they have already lost, for their sons, fathers and husbands are gone, and their country has been destroyed. There is no “victory” that can change that. 
Make no mistake, they are angry with Putin. But they are also angry with Zelensky and the West. They have lost everything, worst of all, hope and faith, and cannot comprehend why Zelenky wishes to continue the current trajectory, the one of human devastation.
I didn’t witness the war; but what I saw was absolutely heart-breaking.
Shame on the people, regardless of their intentions, who have supported this war. And shame on the media for continuing to lie about it.
Well, there is truth to this. However, this needs to be explained.
When Putin full started the invasion, thousands of rockets fell onto Ukrainians. My friends flee, many families fled, more refugees than during the entire WWII. WWII is less brutal than this one.
The Russian soldiers shot children, women, men, raped women in every town they went and then killed and throw into the mass graves.
My classmates enlisted into the army, pretty much every man wanted to go fight, including my actually.
Biden didn’t want to help Ukraine, only the republican senators pressed him to do so in March 2022. And US is a guarantor of Ukrainian sovereignty per Budapest agreement, along with France and UK.
So every Ukrainian thought America will help right away.
To this day Biden administration didn’t give a single airplane to defend Ukrainian skies.
Last summer the counteroffensive advertised in the US is a joke since Ukrainian didn’t receive they thought they will receive, since Biden was afraid to “piss off Putin”.
So now Ukrainian government is loosing big time since no money from the US, Zelensky can’t make every Ukrainian go and fight since everybody knows they are outnumbered and outgunned.
There are some technological advances Ukrainians make in Ukraine, but again, Russian army is 10 times bigger and better equipped.
Zelensky is trying to recruit more people, but men now know that there is no point.
Putin knows this, and is waiting for the “elections” in March, and will start bombing Ukraine again heavily.
It’s a dire situation.
What should have been done is US would arm Ukrainians to the teeth, and then talk to Putin to stop or else his army is going to be crushed, period.
That never happened.
Of course it’s easy to blame the victim and not face the imperialist.

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