Exactly as we said it would be, the traitorous regime’s infamous rally in Belgrade on Friday, May 26, was a total disaster. Not being meteorologists, there is just one detail that we missed. A torrential rain, accompanied by thunder, literally inundated the gathering of fools who were bussed in from all over Serbia to be rewarded with a sandwich and a 2,000-dinar bribe (€20) for serving as stage extras in the regime’s imbecilic extravaganza.

While these forlorn invertebrates were in Belgrade on Parliament square, soaking in the rain, Albanian thugs attacked and ransacked the four Serbian majority municipalities in the north of Kosovo and wiped out every last trace of Serbian administration. All that happened in collusion with the Serbian regime, of course. As had previously been agreed between the Albanians and their Serbian quisling counterparts, about 10,000 mostly male Serbs from Kosovo were bussed in to Belgrade for the rally. They were ferried in vehicles helpfully provided by the Albanians, leaving their women, children, and elderly behind, vulnerable and defenceless in the face of the Albanian assault.

When we stated that May 26 would be a day of shame, that was not a dramatic exaggeration. The rally certainly was a complete political debacle for the Serbian tyrant and his regime, but that is not something that particularly concerns us. What does hurt is that this was a deliberately staged debacle for the Serbian people.

It was first of all a geopolitical debacle. Under the cover of the regime rally in Belgrade, the last Serbian strongholds in northern Kosovo were forcibly occupied by Albanian thugs, radically tilting the already unfavourable situation on the ground even more against the Serbs. It was also a moral debacle for every Serb who accepted, under whatever opportunistic pretext, to attend the event in Belgrade when there clearly is nothing in the whole of Serbia to support or celebrate, but much to mourn and arouse indignation. To add insult to injury, a considerable number of Kosovo Serbs were intimidated or bribed into leaving their homes and families undefended while in the equivalent of cattle wagons they would be taken to Belgrade to be drenched in torrential rain and heap praise on the renegade who cynically betrayed them.

Massive Pro-Government Rally in Belgrade Supports Serbian President Amidst Anti-Government Protests

It now remains to be seen how the regime will spin its extremely bad day, but there is no magic formula to transform total failure to achieve any of its stated objectives into an outcome that would appear even remotely positive. The “emperor” was exposed not just as being naked, which has been very well known for a long time, but also inept, besides being a total fraud. That too has long been known, but the catastrophic miscalculation of the “support rally” puts it all into even sharper relief.

As for being inept, why would anyone whose mind is balanced plan and organize a rally apparently in opposition to someone else’s rally against violence? The dubious credentials of the Western NGO crowd which mobilized the masses “against violence” while sidestepping key systemic issues can temporarily be set aside. The question of how street marching could possibly diminish violence can also be put aside for later discussion. But does it not follow that by calling a rally to counter an anti-violence rally the regime was sending a looney message that it was pro-violence? The context and the implicit message of the regime gathering cast serious doubt on the reserves of political common sense remaining intact within the ruling apparatus. They point clearly to disarray.

The ferocious pressure put on all and sundry to attend for the sole purpose of appearing to exceed the numbers of opposition crowds was completely senseless and came at a time when everyone is fed up. It was disastrously counter-productive. Never mind the citizenry at large. They are seething at the disruption not just of public transport but also of many other conveniences vital to the smooth flow of everyday life, and all that for no useful purpose whatsoever except to feed the ego of one demented individual. Now, the forcibly hijacked and soaking wet participants at the failed rally are a new social category of discontents that the cornered regime will have to contend with.

And cornered it is. Its Western sponsors are sending incessant messages that its time is up, that they do have an alternative, and that the prepared verdict cannot be changed even by willingness to commit new betrayals. Least of all by pathetic simulacrums of broad popular support that fool no one. Is there anyone in the corridors of power in Belgrade intelligent enough to detect these signals? The Serbian regime must face the fact that in the unfathomable assessment of its Western masters it has simply become an overall liability.

As a result, it no longer pays to keep it in place, regardless of the services it is willing to render. All the more so since the replacement team has already been assembled and is impatiently waiting to take over. It is prepared to take orders and do everything that is required of it. Yes, the Serbian people have no horse in this race and the new set of bastards are just as evil and corrupt as those they are replacing. But they will be of greater utility to extend the life of the colonial system, which has served the foreign rulers so well, by creating the illusion of a new beginning. That phantasm should be enough to mislead and pacify the unsophisticated populace for another lengthy period of time.


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  1. Eyes Wide Open on

    Well, there is an old saying that goes like, “You got to hit rock bottom before you can reverse course and go up.” So Serbia has hit rock bottom, time to reverse course.
    And how does Serbia reverse course? We need to go back to WWII where it all this evil started with the the British stooge, Joseph Broz Tito. Undo Tito!. Expose him for the fraud he was. Only the Truth Will Set Serbia Free.

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