We recommend to our readers this remarkable and wide-ranging treatise by Mr. Ken Leslie. It is an in-depth analysis of several interrelated issue and a powerful plea for the spiritual and cultural unity of Slavic nations. The author focuses in particular on the malignant role of the Roman Catholic Church in misleading and splintering Slavdom and turning Slavic peoples against each other instead of uniting against their common enemies.

The prologue


While writing this piece I promised myself that I would not offer it to our gracious host until my previous article achieved 20000 reads. Having reached that high watermark, I am grateful to the Saker for this opportunity to share my views with such a large and knowledgeable audience and hope that the gentle reader will find this next experiment to their taste—or at least interesting.


Sometimes I write because there is a topic that catches my attention and sometimes because of a problem that I have been studying for some time. Rarely, the impulse comes from the information I receive from friends. This is one such rare occasion. In a world saturated by shallow infotainment and propaganda posing as truth, basing one’s argument on a YouTube video is a dodgy proposition at best. A video? So what? There are tens of thousands of other videos contradicting it. Yet this one is a bit special. It was sent to me by my old friend tonight. He is a highly intelligent and educated person of Serb extraction who has had strong links with Germany, who speaks German fluently and has a lot of experience studying and working in German-speaking countries.


My friend and I have been crossing rubber swords over Germany for a long time. Both of us are highly interested in and supportive of Russia in all its forms. Where we tend to differ is on the question of the principal enemy of the Slavs. While he is a staunch supporter of the Anglo-Zionist thesis, I am much more likely to blame the Vatican and Germans for most of the ills of today’s Europe. Truth as always is probably somewhere in the middle although it is difficult to fathom how anyone could have a soft spot for a nation whose history is more or less circumscribed by its attempts to conquer, destroy, convert and Germanise Slav lands. But then, he’d say—why are you defending the bloody British imperial rule and meddling? I’m not—it is just that that I wish to shed light on the last historical taboo. Understanding and breaking it in my opinion will go a long way towards diverting the world from the path to Armageddon. OK, I might be biased but so what? Who isn’t? Should I stop writing because I am not perfectly fair to all sides in the conflict? Pull the other one, please.


Remembering the future


Another reason for writing this is a fond memory—a memory of my trip to Leipzig in 1999. I enjoyed my time there very much and had great chats with the locals despite my rubbish German. And yet, an ostensibly minor detail stayed imprinted deep in my memory. I had read somewhere that the name of this lovely Saxon city was derived from Lipica-Lipa, a Serb word for the Linden tree. One look at the map shows that three of the suburbs of Leipzig are Lindenau (Lipovo), Altlindenau (Staro Lipovo) and Neulindenau (Novo Lipovo). The plot thickens. But it is not this that stuck in my mind. During a coach transfer from the airport to the city, I noticed a number of strange-sounding village names. I couldn’t remember them but found some on Google maps. They are: Connewitz, Ermlitz, Masslau, Beuditz, Papitz, Quasnitz, Lutzschena, Hayna, Schladitz, Podelwitz, Rakwitz, Wiederitsch, Mockau, Podelwitz, Göbschelwitz, Eutritzsch, Thekla, Plaussig-Portitz, Leutzsch, Stötteritz, Reudnitz, Mölkau, Panitzch, Plösitz, Dewitz, Segeritz, Merkwitz, Gordemitz, Weltewitz, Jesewitz, Reudnitz, Raschwitz, Dölitz and many others.[1]


Although I don’t speak Serb (my friend who does has kindly translated) but know a bit of German, an alarm went off in my head. These names sound strange and out of place—just like Kenosha, Tuskegee and Okeechobee stick out in the midst of English-sounding toponyms. Could it be that these are traces of some older culture which once inhabited the linden forests and glades of Saxony and Prussia? I asked my friend for his opinion and he said that ending -itz has a direct analogue in Serb -ica and -au is -ava. There were a couple of names there that were almost direct transliterations—for example Rakwitz (Rakovica—a suburb of Belgrade), Raschwitz (Rašica, Raška), Connewitz (Konjević, Konjevo), Dewitz (Deviči, Devičino), Papitz (Papići), Masslau (Maslava, Maslovo) Jesewitz (Ježević, Ježevo) and so forth.[2] Perhaps some of our Serb readers living in Germany/Saxony could offer more information? Before I expand and expound on this minor historical puzzle, let me return to the topic.


In several of my previous essays, I talked about the Drang or Drang nach Osten as a perennial and continuing push by various incarnations of Germany towards the Slavic East. However, in this I’d succumbed to a common fallacy. For “der Drang” does not denote an expedition or a crusade, but a deep urge, yearning, drive and thirst (Google translate). Rather than an action, it is a hard-wired state of mind, an instinct almost. It is der Drang that is doing the pushing, not its victims (who in turn are doing the geographical pushing and victimising of others). There is something in the makeup of German patriots and nationalists that that expresses itself as a “call” to march on the East. And march they did. Despite limp attempts to deny the existence of this interesting psychopathological state, the Drang is alive and well. Although it is not confined to the Germans, they are the originators of the idea and its most regular and efficient executors.


The Drang (impulse) for writing this article comes from the video sent to me by my friend who is more likely to send me pictures of lovely German girls in colourful dresses serving steins of beer at Oktoberfest. In case you can’t be bothered to watch it, apparently it is a German patriotic song mourning the brave Teutonic knights who had to abandon their watch in the “East” and bring their heroic battle standards back to their “Heimat”—whatever that was in the 10th Century. There is an implicit understanding that they’d been defeated by a mysterious somebody. The fake pathos conveyed by this maudlin rendering mirrors some of the modern versions of Russian and Soviet patriotic songs. Nevertheless, this is where the comparison ends. The song is a blatant attempt to fan the flames of German revanchism at a time when the push towards Russia’s borders is intensifying. Somehow, there is something almost natural about this—ah, the Germans will be Germans, the only way they can go is East, right? They can’t bloody well invade Great Bri… oh, wait! What is particularly repellent is the typical Germanic combination of the kitschy sentiment and genocidal intent. It is as if no world wars have occurred and millions upon untold millions of innocent souls have not been slain by the mighty Schwert of the Teutonic knights. Some of the more perceptive listeners might have heard in the faux melancholy the echoes of a more recent past, a Goebbelsian celebration of the criminals and rogues who were soundly destroyed at Stalingrad.


But it was not the pathetic lament for the historical losers (for once, the American label fits) but the comments that shook me. Thousands of well-wishers from all over the world mourning the passing of the great tradition of Frankish conquest and pledging allegiance to Germany and its holy mission. Understandably, many are the voices of Germany’s vassals (Croatia, Ukraine, the Baltics) or countries with strong fascist traditions (Brazil, Spain, Italy) and large numbers of lone-wolf Teutonic knight wannabes. You know, those disaffected young men emasculated by the militant feminist dogma and lack of opportunity, yearning to burn, rape and pillage in the name of a fake Aryan ideology. If you are wondering why I’m calling it fake, bear with me faithful reader—you won’t have to wait long.


How could an ideology so steeped in nationalist kitsch and cheap sentimentality and motivated by genocide be so popular again after having experienced two recent defeats on a cosmic scale? This of course is the key question and is closely linked to the recent address of President Putin who expressed Russia’s intention to prevent any resurgence of fascism and Nazism in Europe and more widely. Some readers will complain that I always sound negative and that I would be doing much better if I were to be more attuned to the emotional needs of the readers. Sorry, I leave that stuff to the admirers of Edward Bernays and Hollywood propagandists. We don’t have time for Gemütlichkeit. The planets are aligning and the generations that remember the horrors of WWII have almost left the stage with a worried look in their eyes. For they are not convinced that we, their children and grandchildren, have learned the horrible lesson that they had to live through. The evil that they fought tooth and nail from Papua New Guinea to the forests of Byelorussia has been rising its ugly head ever since the premature and suspicious death of Franklin Delano Roosevelt on 12th April 1945. FDR was not a saint yet his death precipitated a rapid and malignant metamorphosis of the United States. From a relatively uncouth, isolationist and inwardly oriented society, the US became a raging world empire almost overnight.


A not-so-brief imperial interlude


Most observers take for granted that America has been predestined to rule the world. Well, that’s wrong and I can demonstrate the fallacy of this idea immediately. How did the United States which had problems subduing the Philippines, Cuba and Mexico become a world empire in a span of a couple of years? Note that this is not a question of economy or nuclear weapons—although these did play a decisive role. What I am talking about is the ideology, the sudden zeal with which the remote relatives of the inhabitants of the English-speaking islands (apologies to the Celtic nations) who had only recently snuffed out the indigenous resistance assumed a very determined posture towards nations they had escaped which they have maintained ever since? It is as if their geopolitical doctrine came ready-wrapped from somewhere else. How else can we explain the incredible volte face which turned America’s enemies into overnight allies and its main ally—which had been responsible for saving hundreds of thousands of American lives into its deadly enemy that remains the main target of its predations almost 80 years later.


This requires a pause. Please contemplate the immensity of the change I just described. This was not a result of a long-term organic process (although some signs were present pre-war) or a life-or-death choice made by a country whose very existence was being threatened. On the contrary, in the summer of 1945, America stood at the apex of its power. Unchallenged by the rest of the world, unscathed by a catastrophe that had left most other countries destroyed or at least severely incapacitated, the USA boasted unprecedented industrial, military and political power. As suggested by a number of leading political voices, the world was desperate for a breather and a benevolent international order. The United Nations had just been inaugurated in New York when the skies began to darken. Veiled and not so veiled threats, abrogation of war-time treaties and promises, an instant militarisation of the country and the initiation of a total war against the country that had never been an enemy—on the contrary—all of this was occurring while the Soviet forces under Marshal of the Soviet Union Aleksandr Vasilevsky were crushing the Kwantung army and saving millions of American lives in one of the greatest and most complex military operations of all time.[3]


I don’t mean to dwell here on this fascinating and in many ways, era-defining episode. I shall devote a series of articles to it in the near future. For now, let me try quickly to answer the question—where did the imperial ideology of the United States originate and how was it so successfully transplanted to the still raw Yankee culture? Simply, it came from the most aggressive Russophobe forces in Europe—the Vatican and German imperialism. Nonsense! I hear you spit into your cornflakes with indignation. It was the Jewish bankers! No, it was the evil British! Balderdash, I reply. The Jews were solidly pro-USSR and hunted by the agents of Cardinal Spellman. And if you are still wondering why there was no mention of the holocaust of the Jews in 1945, this was because they were told quietly but in no uncertain terms that any mention of Germany’s transgressions would rebound on them immediately and heavily. In other words, they were threatened by those same “American patriots” whom I had already tackled superficially in “The other side of darkness”. Try it, try to find any mention of the holocaust in the 1940s and early 1950. Nothing. I had once pointed this out a well-known American Jewish activist. Understandably, she was a bit stumped and couldn’t answer (no, I don’t except the usual “oh, they were too shocked”). Only later, once Zionists decided to bet on the Roman Catholic (in all but name) West against Stalin who had literally saved them from extinction, were they allowed to start complaining about “those nasty Germans”.[4]


And the British? They were cursing the United States whose post-war largesse, so lavishly expended on its Nazi enemies didn’t extend to alleviating their hunger and poverty or forgiving some of the debt the Empire had incurred in the previous six years of war.[5] This is not to say that they didn’t participate wholeheartedly in the new crusade—only that they were not its brain.


The instantly unfurled anti-Soviet and anti-Russian banner was not the banner of the maritime British empire over which the sun was rapidly setting. There was only one banner that could unite all the disparate Russophobe elements (American Catholic deep-sleepers, German Nazi filth and neo-Habsburgian haemophiliacs, French Cagoulard merde, Spanish Falangist cutthroats, Belgian Rexist scum, Hungarian Arrow Cross detritus, Slovak Jesuitical would-be-Aryan yokels, Ukrainian Uniate SS incestoids, Croat monstrosities in human form, Jew-hating Cerberuses of the Baltics, Latin American not-quite-Mussolinis, Japanese in-vivo experts—not to forget assorted British empire-mourning degenerates) within a couple of years and turn them into a motivated crusading force—the banner of Friedrich Barbarossa (or one of his many Teutonic brethren). Having failed to destroy Russia twice using the German Panzerfaust, the alarmed grey eminences huddled inside the hushed gilded halls of the Vatican, held their noses and using Italian Mafiosi as deniable intermediaries activated their vast and influential agent network in the United States.


To their chagrin, the United States was not an ideal candidate for a crusading Reich. Apart from substantial enclaves of Irish, Polish and German immigrants, there was little Catholic zeal in the mainly heathen Protestant mass of money- and success-obsessed “Americans”. They weren’t very easy to order about and they certainly didn’t believe in the primacy of the Pope or his divine nature. They were individualist and generally liked to mind their own business. The pagans didn’t even have an Ambassador to the Holy See! How were the geopoliticians in crimson robes to overcome this major handicap ad maiorem Dei gloriam?


The strategy was multi-pronged and involved a lot of hard work. On the one hand, the Vatican’s agents co-ordinated by Cardinal Spellman with the Pope’s blessing would start infiltrating critical institutions (e.g. the military, the government and intelligence apparatus) and turning both the public and expert opinion against the Soviet Union and in favour of Roman Catholicism.[6] Their second task was to neutralise and discredit any neutral or pro-Soviet voices or any forces that would advocate a realist policy of peaceful co-existence. This is where the results of the Catholic offensive were most visible and successful. Many left-leaning intellectuals, academics and artists, especially non-white or “non-Aryan”, were hunted and haunted by Joe McCarthy’s thugs, accused of being “commie” agents and Judeo-Bolshevik infiltrators. Protestants as a whole were branded as Soviet agents and had to fight relentlessly to restore their “anti-communist credentials”.[7] Thousands lost their jobs or were arrested.


Many committed suicides or emigrated, their lives and careers ruined.[8] The most important consequence of this witch hunt was the suffocation of the American democracy in the name of “preserving democracy”. Critical voices were silenced and replaced by that typically American combination of shallowness and aggressiveness peppered by the insufferable sense of superiority. Thousands of Nazi “assets” were imported into the country to man various CIA front organisations and scientific enterprises via various “projects” and the infamous Lodge-Philbin act that led to the recruitment into the US military (mainly special forces) of thousands of Eastern European Nazis. But let’s leave this depressing saga for another day—or night.


They lived here once


Naïve and misinformed people often ascribe the hatred of the Slavs, especially the Orthodox ones to communism and a natural urge of a superior civilisation to convert and “civilise” the pagan hordes. The French, who so ignominiously lost their “Christian” empire to the peasant heroes of the Viet Minh, had a phrase whose elegance puts to shame any clumsy Germanic euphemism: Mission Civilisatrice—C’est magnifique! But then, the French had started to believe their pronouncements on democracy so much (just like “le Rosbif” across the channel) that they had to direct heir missionary enthusiasm towards the “primitif” and “exotique” parts of the world in which natives wouldn’t complain too much at the absence of voting and employment rights. That left all the hard work to Germany which started to emerge as a powerful would-be empire at the end of the 19th Century. With a huge chip on the shoulder vis-à-vis their more experienced imperial cousins (especially the British), the Germans tried to make up for the lost time by hurriedly sending expeditions to Africa and the Pacific in the hope of emulating their elders if not betters.


Unlike Britain and France though, Germany was missing that Je ne sais quoi—a soft patina of cultured nonchalance and deep history that serves as an excellent lubricant for imperial ambitions. Of course, a great deal of this patina was fake and liberally applied on the less-than-flattering reality of the Empire by generations of skilled propagandists. The only difference was that the Germans had to shout very loudly (and annoyingly) in order to convince the rest of Europe that they were an ancient civilisation which possessed the God-given right to expand and take this gift to the hordes in the East. Earnest and unsophisticated, they were good at manufacturing weapons but poor at laughing at themselves. For it is wrong to think of Germany as an ancient culture which descended from some Marvel-like Valhalla and spread between strange-sounding rivers Spree, Elbe, Swine and Stepenitz.[9] While not denying the depth of the Germanic ethnic feeling, I shall assert something that might sound controversial but is not, namely, that the history of der Drang has its roots in the gradual conversion (by sword and fire), destruction and expulsion of the largely Slav pre-Christian (I am deliberately not using the potentially pejorative “pagan”) populations of Prussia, Saxony, Pomerania and large swathes of the Baltics. The Slav crusade which began in the 8th Century AD was one of the bloodiest and longest lasting examples of a racial and religious holocaust in history. From now on, I shall call it the Holocaust of the Slavs.


After its inception as a unified state (basically a nationalist compromise between the Prussian Protestants and the Southern Catholics), Germany reverted to its genocidal modus operandi almost immediately. From a blood-curdling wholesale slaughter of the Herrero in the South West Africa, to the horrors of WWI and the unprecedented holocide (I’ll take this too) of the Slavs in WWII, Germany simply continued the holy war it had started fighting on behalf and behest of the Pope so many centuries ago. After it failed for the second time to exterminate its eternal enemy, it relinquished the sacred task to the burgeoning geopolitical adolescent lying between two oceans. The Crusader’s torch was passed to the new kid on the anti-Russian block by some agreement-capable Nazis via Vatican’s ratlines and carried carefully to its new home by confidential agents of Allen Dulles, James Jesus Angleton and Francis Spellman. As things currently stand, the possibility is increasing that the torch will soon return to its original home.


Of course, many German historians and Western defenders of the Drang have done their best to obfuscate, misdirect and explain away. “Oh, these were clashes between equal opponents” or “The Slavs were at least as bloodthirsty as the Germans”.[10] I am struck by the similarity between the Germanic holocaust of the Slavs (which in different forms has continued until this day) and the incredibly brutal elimination of the Native Americans. Both populations were considered heathen and primitive and the strategy was “this town ain’t big enough for the both of us” was ruthlessly applied to both. Countless settlements, villages and even large towns were burnt down, all signs of language, culture and religion expunged forever from the history books and countless aboriginals became “Germans” (the original Lebensborn).[11] All that remains from a glorious yet tragic past are the enclaves of the ethnic Serbs or Sorbs who settled around Lausitz (Lužica) on the Elbe and have kept their historical memory to this day even though their reservation is surrounded by the inimical Germans. The similarity does not end here. Like the Indians, the ancient Slavs worshipped nature and were bison herders.


Today, speaking of the tragedy of the large number of tribes, nations and de facto an entire ethnos that are the Slavs is considered bad form. It is simply not something that is discussed in polite society. Today, when the holocaust against the American Indians is being acknowledged and justifiably mourned all over the United States and the rest of the world, an equally horrific genocide of a large indigenous population of Europe which has lasted much longer and I would argue cost many more lives has been almost completely forgotten. How is this possible? One reason has to do with the fact that unlike the Indians who had nowhere to run, the Northern Slavs withdrew to the South and East to form new countries which exist to this day.[12] The second is that the German/Vatican holocaust against the Slavs is the last taboo of the West. It is a permanent black mark against the German “Kultur” and automatically neutralises any attempts by the West and especially Germany to claim any moral high ground vis-à-vis the Slavs.


The third and the most important reason is—power. Compared with the power of German and allied Western historical propaganda machines, the few weak attempts to right this wrong would be drowned out in a cacophony of accusations of Russian agitprop, anti-German distortions and communist lies. Even those German historians who dared ask pertinent questions did not get far. This has led to a huge lacuna in historical science where the fate of more than a half of Germany and most of northern and central Europe remains largely unknown to the uninitiated. The common impression that Germany (which only became a country in the late 19th Century) is a homogeneous ethnic space with a distinctive and indigenous culture is a fallacy. Rather, Germany as we know it today is a result of centuries of bloody extermination wars against a large indigenous population which was largely wiped out both literally and symbolically. Admitting its role in the extermination of the Slavs from the days of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation until today would simply deprive Germany of its raison d’etre.


In spite of this, Germany has been a hotbed of racial mixing and those Slavs that survived the Teutonic onslaught invested their genes in the victorious breed, returning the favour. The clue is in the actions of the Nazis themselves. If the Slavs were truly inferior, Hitler would never have imported huge numbers of Slav children for the purpose of improving his breeding stock. Rather, this was an admission of a deep bond between the two tribes and an acknowledgment of the martial superiority of the Slavs who had fought like demons to free their lands from the Teutonic pillage. I mean no disrespect to many other nations which shed blood for freedom but am from now on focusing on the orphans of history. While the Drakkar carrying the bedraggled remnants of the Niebelung race was burning on its way to Valhalla and Hitler was resting his Walther PPK against his teary cheek deep inside a murky damp catacomb, he must have realised in that last all-enlightening moment that the true European root culture was the one which he had tried so hard to destroy (this is almost as good as Orwell’s ending—and most certainly closer to the truth).


It is this important insight that explains several crucial historical facts. But before I continue, I wish to stress that I have a lot of admiration for the German culture, philosophy, science and especially music (which have always stood in opposition to the crude chauvinism of its political elites; Mann, Hesse, Kafka, Goethe, Mozart, Nietzche, Beethoven, Schiller and so many other inspirational figures—I guiltily admit to liking Strauss the Elder’s waltzes!). I enjoy working with German people and wish them only well.[13] I am appealing to them to acknowledge their role in the holocaust of the Slavs and seek a fundamental change to their approach to geopolitics. In the same way that they have done all in their power to immunise their society against antisemitism, they should try even harder to do right by the Slavs. This does not involve money (phew) or huge Zigurat-like memorials designed by architectural swindlers but a change of heart—a fundamental reckoning with a dark urge created by the deeply buried knowledge that all this time they’ve hated their own kin. If that means that they would cease being German—es tut mir leid!


Was ist zu tun?


But I am not interested in Germany. Its misdeeds will pop up every now and then to shed light on the current geopolitical turbulence. Rather, my aim is to focus on the victims of this unacknowledged holocaust. For I believe that the Slavs, despite their large numbers today deserve not only the truth and justice but also a deeper understanding of their current predicament. While the world is entranced by Trump’s macabre clowning, it is the Slavs that hold the key to the future of Europe and the world. Please, do not misunderstand me. For all their genius and ability, the Slavs are no more important than any other ethnic group. What they are, is in the cross-hairs of the enemies of humanity. Because even at this late stage of the preparations for the next large-scale conflict, the Slavs have the capacity to confound the crusaders from the West and once and for all restore their rightful place as the major ethnic and racial group in Europe and Eurasia by freeing the world of its nemesis.[14] Such a noble idea can have nothing to do with the racist and supremacist crap propagated by the fake Aryans of the Abendland. On the contrary, an understanding of one’s deep links with other cultures should contribute to a better understanding among the nations and long-awaited death of the warped and deadly ideologies of exceptionalism and supremacism.


Most of you will say Wahnsinn! Has this fellow gone completely bonkers? The Slavs are disunited and on the brink of going for their brothers’ throats at the behest of their Western masters. I agree, in spite of excuses and justifications, most will join their oppressors in the next crusade but no, I’m not mad—sometimes I think that I am the only sane person in the room. I have nothing but the deepest respect for the suffering of various peoples who found themselves at the receiving end of the Crusaders’ mercy.[15] Equal sense of respect is due to the victims of various colonial genocides all over the world. However, all of these have at least been documented if not acknowledged as such. There is no Western genocide in Africa (the Congo, the Herrero, the Mau Mau rebellion, the apartheid, slavery etc.) that has not been discussed and condemned. The accounts of the genocides of the Native Americans, Australian Aborigines and New Zealand Maoris are part of the modern history curriculum and the white majority is moving towards repairing at least some of the damage caused by these atrocities. Instead of listing other horrendous holocausts (the Natives of South America, the Hindus and dozens of others), I wish to focus on the one and only holocaust that is a taboo—no, not even the horrific genocide of the Greeks, Armenians and Assyrians by the Turks and their Kurdish vassals, but the Holocaust of the Slavs.


I am deliberately calling the tragedy of the Slavs a holocaust (although “holocide” appeals as well). Only in the 20th Century did the Slav family lose anything between 30 and 35 million souls. Some of these souls belonged to the traitors of the Slav cause who’d fought for their Germanic and Anglo-Saxon overlords. But this is unavoidable. In any conflict between an imperial aggressor and an indigenous culture, significant numbers of aborigines (the Australian ones excepted) would fight on the side of the former. Instead of bickering over this, we need to appreciate that none of this would be possible if the awareness of the common roots and the uniqueness of the Slav family was more widespread. In any case, I estimate the number of Slavs killed in various wars over the last millennium exceeds 100 million. Of course, this number has been pulled out of the hat—just to demonstrate the lack of research pertaining to the tragic history of the Slavs.[16]


It is perhaps not surprising that the notion of the Slavic ethnicity has been considered dangerous by Western powers and religions because even though the Slavs were once an absolute majority of the northern and western Europe, they were never of the West. Even today, the Poles, Czechs and Slovaks (and even the Ukrainians—whom I don’t consider a separate nation), Croats and Slovenes see themselves as “Western” by dint of the religion imposed on them a long time ago and by the fact that for most of their history they were ruled by Western outsiders blind and deaf to their needs. Although this might appear a good reason at the first glance, it is tinged with tragedy and paradox. A large body of a race that owned most of Europe is now subjugated (however willingly) by those who consider Slavs inferior human beings. I also put it to you that most of the people within these countries are aware deep down that they belong to a race that has its own history and culture that is different from those who are ruling over them either directly or indirectly. Of course, in some enclaves, the self-hatred achieves epic proportions compelling the Croats and Ukrops to invent nebulous theories explaining their divine descent onto this planet.


The main reason for my decision to highlight the cause of the Slavs is my flippant play on the famous Wittgenstein quote: “Whereof one daren’t speak, thereof one must be the most vocal”. The very fact that no-one dares address this huge historical issue because of its explosive political connotations lures me to its depths like a moth to a flame. In addition, the Slavs no less than any other group deserve not only apologies and reparations for the uncountable crimes against them committed by the West but a wholesale re-evaluation of their history and a global acknowledgement of their uniqueness and common origin. The Last Taboo must be vanquished for ever and the light of truth and justice must shine on the terrible wound of history that has never properly healed.


I don’t wish to blame all and sundry for the current parlous state of the Slav commonwealth. My contention is that only by really understanding who they are will this gifted and forward-looking ethnos which gave the world so many geniuses overcome centuries of religious persecution, alienation from their kin and its designated role as cannon fodder and cheap source of labour and raw materials for the rapacious empire. Incredibly, this is exactly what is happening at the moment. Most of the Slavic nations have been absorbed into the Euro Reich mark II and do not seem to mind their soft servitude. To keep them in line, the Empire throws them a bone every now and then, reminding them of how lucky they are to be considered honorary Germans or Frenchmen (or in the case of the Poles—Americans—although they are still waiting for that visa waiver). The never-thwarted influence of the Vatican and German imperialism buys their obedience with American money, weapons and scary stories about evil Russia. In exchange, they faithfully toe the line letting their countries be picked apart by the Western capital and their beautiful landscapes be used as launch pads for the Western nuclear missiles.


So, I shall use this opportunity to tell them the painful truth. Two nations are exempted from my righteous anger—the Serbs and the Russians. This is not because these two nations are perfect—far from it—but simply because they have never betrayed their roots. Sure, under the blows of the ruthless Catholic and Islamic axes, large branches of Serb and Russian ethnic trees were cut down through mass killings and forced conversion. However, almost miraculously, their cores have survived the horrendous genocides of the 20th Century and are still standing, gravely wounded, but standing nevertheless to remind us of the depth and value of the cause of Slav civilisation. They should serve as seed crystal on which a powerful Slav federation can be grown.[17]


So, here, I am addressing you, the once proud Slavs who have forgotten or ignored your historical roots. Instead of rambling on and on, I shall write down a few theses in the manner of Martin Luther (who Thomas Mann claimed was a Lusatian Serb).


Like it or not, you belong to one of the greatest human families—the Slav family (this does not exclude or contradict your broader humanity).

You will never ever be accepted as equals by the West.

Deal with your inferiority complex once and for all. Not that it matters, but in many respects, you are superior to those you idolise and serve so faithfully and ready to die for in the blink of an eye.

You will not be able to achieve your full potential as individuals and nations until you free your inner slave and become ready to acknowledge your origins.

Embrace your brothers and sisters without prejudice or hidden malice and start building the common future as proud members of a race of great geniuses and military leaders, the race of ancient freedom-loving and industrious peoples that have lived in harmony with nature since time immemorial and will live in harmony with each other and their neighbours again.

The fact that this appears impossible at the moment is not an obstacle—on the contrary. It is precisely when the night is darkest that the faintest hints of the coming dawn appear at the edges of the silent landscape. It is precisely because the vision crudely outlined here is so utopian that it must be shared and implemented now. At a moment when the enemy has penetrated deeply into the Slav heartland with the help of deracinated Slav quislings, I am declaring that the shameful silence about the suffering of the Slavs at the hands of various Western enemies must end! Now! By showing the common roots of the Slavs we can offer a viable and powerful alternative to the seemingly unstoppable Western hegemon. The deep genetic and cultural links which have withstood a thousand years of holocaust can serve first to reconcile and then to unite the long-separated sisters and brothers.


Of course, I don’t expect the traitors currently in power in Czechoslovakia, Poland, Bulgaria, Croatia, Ukraine, Slovenia, Macedonia and Montenegro to respond positively to my appeal.[18] They will fight to the death to preserve their petty sinecures and measly grants. They want to feel powerful and accepted by what they perceive as their superiors. In fact, I am inspired by their mental and spiritual decay and lack of shame. They remind me of the infamous “GOONs” (Guardians of the Oglala Nation), the native mercenary death squads whom the FBI used to battle AIM (American Indian Movement) during the incident at Pine Ridge in 1971, as well as their boss Richard Wilson (tribal chairman at the time) who defended his infamous role to his dying day. I know on the other hand that deep down most Slavs are aware of their predicament and yearn for encouragement to start asserting their origin and culture (something that every ethnic group is encouraged to celebrate except the Slavs). Ultimately, you are not Serbs, Russians, Poles and Croats but Slavs. You speak variants of a same language, eat similar food, share customs and traditions despite the attempts by your enemies to keep you divided and full of hatred for each other. Despite centuries of bloody conflict, you still feel deep down like members of a feuding family. It is this feeling that must be revived in order to heal the ancient wounds and reunite the splintered Slavdom.


Now, by “reunite” I don’t mean a formal political unification, but rather, a unification of the spirit and the heart. This journey of thousand leagues will be tortuous and dangerous but I feel that the first step must be made now, when the world is hurtling towards the ultimate abyss.


Another factor working against the idea of Slav reconciliation and eventual unification is the current deep disillusionment with the Slavophile idea inside Russia. This is completely understandable given the shameful behaviour of Slav vassals towards Russia’s and their own historical heritage. But this is exactly what the enemies of the Slavs have always wanted. Putting in power the worst lickspittles and traitors to their nations and the Slav cause, the West has achieved its millennial goal—to fragment, divide and turn the Slavs against each other. Because united, they would be impossible to bully, conquer or genocide. The shoe would suddenly find the other foot and the superior West would be trembling before the mighty roar of Slavia. Yes, it’s a fantasy—but all great things begin life as dreams. So, let me dream!


The conditioning (especially religious) has been going on for a long time and is apparently impossible to remove. I disagree. The power of Western Christianity, especially Roman Catholicism is diminishing by the day. The concept of a superior Western civilisation is eroding equally quickly. The spiritual vacuum left by the fading Zeitgeist needs to be replaced by something solid yet forward-looking. Deep down, most Slavs know that they belong to one very large family. Although many are trying to suppress this important truth, the truth cannot be suppressed because even at a very superficial level, the commonalities of language and culture from Western Poland to Kamchatka, from the Baltic Sea to Southern Serbia are such that the membership of a single ethnic family cannot be denied even by the most bigoted enemy of Slavdom. One cannot build a future without knowing one’s past. One cannot contribute to the world without taking care of their family first. This is where the story of healing and resurgence must begin.[19]


An Aryan coda


At the end of this emotion-charged whirlwind tour I wish to offer a brief lesson in true Aryanism so badly abused by the uncouth petty bourgeoisie that constituted the Nazi political elite. Alfred Rosenberg and Heinrich Himmler sent dozens of expeditions across the world in search of evidence for the Aryan origins of the Germans. The swastika, that symbol of the Sun, prosperity and happiness, often found on Easter eggs in the Ukraine and Byelorussa was traduced forever by the bloody hordes of sausage-munching drones (nothing wrong with sausages). Despite a massive effort, none of those SS double-PhDs in “racial science” (speak of STEM qualifications!) could find anything that links the Nazi regime and the German nation to the ancient secrets of the Vedas (vedati—to know in Slovenian). And yet… Here is a poem collected in the old Serb city of Scutari (Skadar), currently occupied by Albania. It had been collected sometime in the 20th Century and was translated into English by my friend. I invite readers to give their own examples of the Aryan heritage of the Slavs.


”У нас добро у Инђији

У Инђији у Србији,

Светој земљи од старине.

Свако добро свака срећа,

Понајвише мир и здравље.

Вишњег Бога прослављамо.

Величамо и хвалимо,

Да нам даде свако добро.”

(пј. 199 Скадар)


All is well with us here in India

In India, In Serbia,

The holy land of old.

We wish you all the good fortune and joy,

And most of all—good health and peace.

We celebrate our God Vishnyi (meaning “the High One” – direct link to Vishnu)

We glorify and praise him,

That he may lavish his blessings on us.

(Poem 199, Recorded in Scutari-Skadar)


You can easily find lists of American Indian toponyms on Wikipedia. How about some Slav ones?

I have also learnt that some toponyms and hydronyms in Britain contain similar clues.

Many Russophobes are trying to erase the memory of this magnificent feat by claiming that the Japanese forces were depleted etc. Remember the idiotic “General Winter” mantra and carry on regardless. Or rather ask Colonel Glantz of the United States Army College.

This explains the shameful silence and behaviour of “circumcised altar boys” such as Roy Cohn who did everything to ingratiate himself with the new inquisition.

This is not to excuse the criminality of Winston Churchill who was plotting to attack the Soviet Union as early as late 1944. But then, to its eternal shame, the British Labour Party was almost as hawkish as Churchill—especially the likes of Ernest Bevin, Hugh Gaitskell and others.

Yes, Hollywood was churning anti-Soviet propaganda once McCarthy silenced the dissenting voices. Giants of American music such as Frank Sinatra were deeply involved in the Vatican-Mafia nexus aimed at “defending Italy and the USA from “godless communism”.

Especially notable in this context is Paul Blanchard who tried to position the Vatican and Moscow as equally inimical to the Protestant interests.

The drunkard McCarthy (The original Steve Bannon!) was a protégé of Father Edmund Walsh whom I briefly discussed in my article “With Fire and Sword”.

In Serb, they are Špreva, Laba, Stepenica and Svinjica (another river by that name enters the Danube near Moldova Nova in Romania which is mainly Serb-inhabited). Here is the list of some Serb-sounding rivers in Germany: Schwentine, Trave, Stepenitz, Warnow, Reknitz, Peene, Swine, Oder, Lussatian Neisse, Laber, Leda, Orla, Wörnitz, Lippe, Lenne, Möhne, Regnitz, Pegnitz, Rednitz, Murg, Leine, Rhume, Werra, Elbe, Löcknitz, Plane, Spree, Pleiße, Gera, Chemnitz, Weißeritz, Wesenitz, Trene, Zschopau, Scheppau, Wakenitz, Mandau and other less salient examples.

Here is a particularly egregious example of holocaust denial from Wikipedia: “In the course of the Ostsiedlung (German eastward expansion) process, settlers were invited [by whom?], bringing changes in the ethnic composition as well as in language, culture, and law of the eastern borders of the German lands. As a majority of these settlers were Germans, Low German became the dominant language.” The whole indigenous culture that had lived in those parts for who knows how long is simply erased with a single sentence.

This refers to the programme under which hundreds of thousands of blond and blue-eyed Slav (mainly Polish, Ukrainian and Byelorussian) children were kidnapped and separated from their families in order to improve the racial stock of the Great Reich since the likes of Hitler, Himmler and Roman Polanski-clone Goebbels didn’t quite cut it as tall fair-haired and square-jawed Teutonic warriors they wished to be so badly.

I often wondered about the somewhat incongruous sympathy of the Germans for the American Indians. While absolutely morally just, could such fondness for Winnetou be a subconscious manifestation of their close psychological ties to the eradicated natives of Germany?

I wish them well that is, as long as they do not abuse their economic and political power to manoeuvre Europe into another destructive war against the Slavs in which case all bets will be off and I cannot see how the German nation could survive such an ultimate Schweinerei. The warning is not mine—it’s a true warning from history and it applies equally to anyone who dares do the same.

I don’t believe in the concept of race but the similarities between different branches of the Slav nation are such that the word “ethnos” doesn’t quite do it.

Believe it or not, the invasion of England in 1066 was one example of an early Crusade. The indigenous population fought a rear-guard guerrilla war against William the Conqueror’s forces for more than 100 years. The fact that the English eventually succumbed and pragmatically accepted their defeat explains the blasé attitude towards the loss of their old kingdom and culture.

Perhaps only two other modern genocides need to be better known—the one in Vietnam and the one in Rwanda.

Here I should also mention the Lusatian Sorbs (Serbs) who have maintained their Slavic spirit in the heart of Germany.

I would also argue that Romania is a majority Slav country although this is a well-kept secret. It is not about revanchism but learning the truth which has been buried for so long.

If after reading this you hear loud squeals and demonic voices speaking in tongues, don’t panic. This is because the enemy fears Slav unification more than anything and will do all in his fading power to discredit and destroy the idea. One more reason to fight for it! In the coming articles I shall try to articulate a vision of how this great idea might be put into practice.

Source: http://thesaker.is/the-last-taboo/


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