The very opportune arrest several days ago in Tbilisi, Georgia, of four operatives of the notorious Serbian condottieri outfit Otpor roughly coincides with the 23rd anniversary of Serbia’s falling into globalist clutches. That occurred on 5 October 2000, largely as a result of subversion by the paid agents of the same infamous organisation.

Serbia has not recovered to this day from the destructive consequences of that color revolution, orchestrated and financed by Western intelligence agencies which used their Otpor hirelings as a battering ram and field agents. A wave of color revolutions followed the wildly successful laboratory experiment performed in Serbia where a substantial portion of the bamboozled population were used as guinea pigs. The most notable of the subsequent “success stories,” of course, is the Maidan coup in Ukraine in 2014, where Otpor operatives again played a prominent role. The aggregate total price, between 1991 and 2015, for the infiltration, indoctrination, and ultimately the takeover of Ukraine, by Virginia Nuland’s candid admission, was about $5 billion. By the admission of Ambassador William Montgomery, who was in charge of financing and directing Serbia’s demise, disguised under the euphemism of “democracy promotion,” from neighbouring Budapest, Hungary, the bill for that operation was a more modest $80 million. Either way, when you have the facility to print all the cash you need out of thin air, money is no object.

Georgia’s recent close encounter with the dismal fate which struck not only Serbia but also a number of other similarly targeted countries is an excellent opportunity to recall how 5 October 2000 came about and what it brought to Serbia.

It came about, essentially, as a result of gross provincialism and ignorance on the part of the Milošević regime, which during the 1990s ruled rump Yugoslavia of which Serbia was then a part. The deluded populace are equally responsible. A besotted nation was manipulated into believing that the foreigners who had been sanctioning, ostracising, and bombing it for a decade, never missing an opportunity to show their contempt and hostility – along with their paid local agents – had now become its benefactors.

Unlike the Georgian authorities, who acted swiftly and effectively to apprehend and expel the troublemakers, Milošević and his associates were hell-bent on impressing Western “partners” with their genuine commitment to democratic and “universal” values. Accordingly, they allowed free reign to the subversives, but they overlooked a very important detail. A key tenet of Western “universal democratic values” is that the targeted government has no right to protect itself. Once inanely made and then adhered to, it is a suicidal commitment. It means in practice that the foreign-sponsored subverters, in this case Otpor and the network of associated phoney Western “NGOs,” are untouchable and not subject to any limitation in their seditious activities.

Whatever ephemeral brownie points Milošević had hoped to obtain in return for tolerating open preparations for the putsch that was being hatched against him, ultimately he had nothing to show for it. His commitment to liberal democratic values was unnoted and went unappreciated. Soon thereafter, handcuffed and with a sack over his head, he was shoved into a helicopter and unceremoniously shipped to the Hague, there to face a kangaroo court.

The results of this “insouciance” (as Paul Craig Roberts would aptly put it) on the part of the thoroughly penetrated and demoralised Serbia were devastating. After a deluded mob in Belgrade burned and thrashed the Parliament building, a gang of agents prepared in advance for the task were installed in the seat of government, ready and willing to do their masters’ bidding. Serbia’s Pashinians eagerly lined up and reported for duty.

Smoke rises from the Yugoslav federal parliament, Thursday, October 5, 2000, in Belgrade. Angry crowds gathered in front of the parliament while columns of protesters streamed into the capital for a mass rally intended as the final push against embattled President Slobodan Milosevic. Police used teargas to prevent opposition supporters from entering the parliament building. Serbia (AP PHOTO / Zeljko Safar) YUGOSLAVIA OUT COMMERCIAL ONLINE OUT

Belgrade, October 5, 2000: color revolution mob sets Parliament on fire

All major economic assets were sold to foreign and proxy domestic interests at fire sale prices. The army, which shortly before in Kosovo had successfully held NATO at bay, by orders from above was effectively dismantled and humiliatingly reduced to an appendage of the National Guard of Ohio. State security services were purged of experienced and patriotic cadres, who were replaced by opportunistic collaborators, most of whom were in the employ of those they should have been keeping under surveillance. A process of creeping multi-level cooperation with NATO, including transit rights over Serbian territory, commenced soon after the year 2000 putsch, culminating in 2015 with Serbia’s virtual accession through the NATO Individual Partnership Action Plan. IPAP provides for regular participation in NATO manoeuvres and military exercises and grants immunity to NATO personnel for offences committed on Serbian territory.

Perhaps most devastating and evil, Serbia’s newly appointed colonial administrators set out to systematically destroy all bases of sustainable economic existence and growth. Just as for the Neo-Nazi regime in Kiev the sole remaining source of “revenue” are financial infusions from foreign supporters, after the meticulously executed demolition of Serbia’s productive capacities by foreign-imposed economic assassins, Serbia has now fallen into a similar trap. Its remaining cash resources required to run the government increasingly consist of usurious “loans” obtained from the IMF and other similar Western predatory financial institutions. In order to “qualify” for such financing, which puts the noose of debt slavery around the necks of future generations, the bought and paid for political elites installed after the 2000 coup were instructed to lay Serbia prostrate before globalist predators such as Blackrock and Rio Tinto. In return for prolonging their hold on power, these corrupt lackeys have enabled foreign corporate vultures to lay waste to broad swaths of productive agricultural land and to poison the environment, endangering the health of hundreds of thousands of citizens. But the unsafe and environmentally catastrophic extraction of lithium and other toxic minerals undoubtedly also serves a “higher” purpose, which is to make a formerly self-sustaining country food dependent.

Serbia used to be a net food exporter where no one starved or had to search for scraps in dumpsters, but as a result of the deliberate devastation and implosion of its agriculture it must now import a large portion of the foodstuffs it consumes. The cost of those imports is covered not by the productive capacity of a bankrupt economy but by a steady stream of interest bearing IMF financial injections, which makes the hidden cost of every tomato and potato bought by a Serb at the local green grocers vastly higher than the official price. For generations to come, grandchildren will be paying off, with exorbitant interest, every mouthful that is consumed today.

For the insouciant populace, that is just another “benefit” of the thoughtless handover of their country’s sovereignty and of their own personal destiny to a ruthless gang of foreign mercenaries which continues to oppress them to the present day. Serbia’s disastrous color revolution, engineered at the turn of the century by hostile foreign interests, still generates misery both in Serbia and in other countries where following the same blueprint similar takeovers, based on manipulation and deceit, were subsequently implemented. The promises of “democracy” and of a better life which the deceivers had made were not kept in even a single case. The clueless masses who naively followed the Pied Piper have indentured themselves to new and infinitely more callous masters and they came to regret their foolishness in every single instance.




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