July 11 every year is the Srebrenica commemoration day. That vastly exaggerated and hugely falsified story is far from the most horrific event of that genre that history has recorded. During World War II in Nazi-occupied Eastern Europe Ukrainian collaborationist para-militaries pledging allegiance to Stepan Bandera, whose allegiance was in turn pledged to Adolph Hitler. slaughtered tens of thousands of innocent Polish peasants for all the usual reasons, wrong ethnicity being the foremost. Today, Stepan Bandera is the national hero of Ukraine, the iconic patron of the Western backed and armed neo-Nazi regime presided by a low-life character whose ethnicity (forget about religion because he more than likely has none) should make him sympathize with the victims of these gruesome massacres and abhor the perpetrators and their crazed followers. But, as they say, politics makes strange bedfellows.

We share with our readers this poignant report by the brave Polish blogger Anya, a truth-teller if there ever was one.






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