Way back in the 1970s, the far-seeing genius Henry Kissinger identified food (in addition to energy) as a major mechanism that could be used to subdue recalcitrant mankind: “Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.” Control of money seems to be slipping out of the hands of Dr. Henry’s cabal, and their dominion over the global energy supply seems to be evaporating as well, but they are not giving up on their trump card. That is the capacity to control and, most importantly, to catastrophically diminish the world’s food resources.

True to his word, at the 1974 World Food Conference in Rome Henry unveiled the plan how to use food to cull the world’s population and blackmail governments into doing his masters’ will. It was all circumspectly phrased, of course, and couched in the Aesopian language fully intelligible, besides the cognoscenti, only to a lesser number of alert observers, but remaining largely opaque to the serfs whose mass extermination is being contemplated.

Since then, with their characteristic persistence Henry’s friends and mentors have been hard at work to make it happen. An engineered global food crisis is in the works. Hundreds of millions, and preferably billions, of clueless earthlings will be made to depart from this world in order meet the agendas (“Green”, in this particular case) of the wicked psychopaths who run much of it. And that is not happening owing to the operation of nature’s inexorable forces (as asserted by phony environmental narratives) but by human design.

That much is evident from the ominous Pan-European legislation proposed a few days ago by the European Commission. Details of it were reported by Brussels-based Arche Noah, which is for a change a genuine NGO, not a Soros-financed fraud. It advocates vigorously for the public interest in the most authentic and in this instance unequivocally existential sense. The somnolent world ought to be paying attention, but sadly it is not. The lethal sting of EU’s proposed legislative package is deceptively mislabelled as concern for the “sustainable use of natural resources.” That duplicitous phrase however is no more than a code word. It stands for the sinister new “EU Seed Regulation” policy and the concomitant legislative initiative to deregulate the “New Genetic Engineering”.

“We are dismayed by this attack on our seed and crop diversity in Europe,” plaintively comments Arche Noah’s policy officer, Magdalena Prieler. And she explains: “With these proposals we run the risk of global corporations gaining complete control over our food. Agriculture Ministers and the European Parliament must act to protect farmers, consumers, and biodiversity.”

They are acting, to be sure, but in the diametrically opposite direction. There is scant chance of the proposed seed legislation not being adopted by the bought and paid for European Parliament because economically powerful and ideologically cohesive interests are arrayed behind it. One of its principal intended effects is to reclassify any transfer of natural seeds beyond a very narrow private sphere as “marketing.” Such reclassification is not merely rhetorical. It automatically opens the door to unrestricted bureaucratic regulation for which the European Union is infamous, the permissible curvature of cucumbers that may be sold in supermarkets being just one of the more egregious examples. But while the shape of cucumbers is a risible topic that only very sick control freaks would concern themselves with, regulation of infinitely reproducible natural seeds and their mandated substitution with single use GMO varieties is a deadly serious affair. Its ultimate effect would be to make food producers absolutely and irreversibly dependent on a half dozen transnational corporations which on the global level control this business. Their executives, let us not forget, mingle together with fellow globalist potentates at the WEF and other similar gatherings and institutions. There, without public scrutiny or accountability, multifarious plans are being laid, including whether, how much, and what millions of human beings world-wide shall be allowed to eat.

If “whether” sounds like too brusque a word, doubts should be dispelled by Ethiopia’s recent experience in that regard.

Two examples will suffice to demonstrate the extent and totality of that control and the maniacal determination to arbitrarily restructure the living patterns of millions that inspires it. In the Netherlands, school lunchrooms are already quietly introducing mealworm and insect food for pupils, on the spurious pretext of saving the planet from global warming. The pilot program in the Netherlands dispels the insouciant assurances (of those who should have known better) that the once comically-sounding references to the obligatory consumption of insects were no more than harmless theatrical excess, but not a firm policy objective. Now, the humourless globalists’ unrelenting resolve in this regard is corroborated also by the plans they  have unveiled for Germany. Meat is set to be abolished in the country which is that protein’s biggest consumer in Europe by rationing the permitted daily personal intake to just ten grams. Of course, Germany happens to be also Europe’s most obedient country, so it will be highly indicative to see how successfully this drastic pilot program is implemented.

But disgusting as the increasingly coercive substitution of detritus “foods” for meat may be, the crux of the agenda is to gain absolute control over and genetically reengineer the crops which are essential for both human and animal consumption.

Accordingly, under the European Commission’s draft law two parallel processes are to be set in motion. On the one hand, as pointed out earlier farmers will only be allowed to exchange their own seeds in small quantities and under tightly regulated conditions. Selling natural seeds will henceforth not be possible. Public gene banks, private collections and seed initiatives will no longer be allowed to give their seeds to farmers. At the same time, however, genetically engineered crop varieties will be promoted and completely deregulated, putting farmers at the mercy of powerful agrochemical corporations such as Bayer, BASF, Corteva and Syngenta, which already control more than half of the global seed market. According to Arche Noah spokeswoman Magdalena Prieler: “New genetic engineering is first and foremost a tool for corporations to squeeze their competitors out of the market and to expand further their control over our food system.”

Correct, but their chief competitors, she might have added, are the aggregate of individually small-scale farmers whose economic survival is the essential precondition for every person’s food independence as well as access to healthy, chemically and biologically uncontaminated foodstuffs.

Needless to say, unlike their “lesser brethren”, under the new dispensation Bill Gates, the great proponent of synthetic beef, along with  Klaus Schwab and Yuval Hariri, his hackable animal “prophet” (Hariri’s contemptuous epithet for the rest of us which is justifiably applicable to himself) will not be eating insects for dinner. While uncouth, flatulating Irish cows are being massively slaughtered and abundantly productive Dutch farms are shut down to potentially starve the rest of us on fraudulent rationales invented by charlatans like Greta Thunberg, they only will need to snap their fingers to be served Kobe beef or whatever exquisite delicacy (other than mealworms, of course) their delicate palates should fancy.




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