The first and basic reason for the success of every big venture is in the readiness to accept the risk and danger, to risk failure and to be exposed to the peril of ruin. In that lays the crux of the struggle for assuring the freedom and better future for Serbian people. The misfortune of the Serbian diaspora today is that too many individuals want to call themselves and be considered by others fighters against communism, but refuse, regardless of circumstances, to endanger their jobs, house, pension, social security, car, vacation, or anything!

Imagine if our fathers and grandfathers had joined liberation wars of 1912, 1913 and 1914 with this notion that no one will die, and that everyone will get to keep what they have and safely return home!

That is exactly what the majority of the Serbian immigrants want today. And that can’t be! That is not how great and fateful battles are fought.

Excerpt from Dr. Drašković’s book “Which way? A message to the youth of Serbia” (Chicago, 1967)


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